Ekaterine – “Changes”

Powerful, emotive and full of memories, UK artist Ekaterine has once again stepped up and show the world the promise of her young talent with her new single “Changes”, a song about the challenges of life after losing someone close to you.

Ekaterine is an artist with a special ability to write her way out of challenging situations and this time was no exception, as she channeled all her inner thoughts after parting ways with her former lover and put them in a song to find solace. “Changes” was made in collaboration with gramy-winning producer Tomaso Colliva, who has worked with the likes of Erykah Badhu, Jay-Z, Damon Albarn, Muse and Franz Ferdinand. A quite impressive resumé, if you ask me!

There’s lots to talk about the history of this young artist, as she ran away from her boarding school in Cambridge in 2012 and signed a one year recording contract in London. In 2016, her single “Love Insane” was picked up by BBC introducing and in 2017 se was invited to play BBC Live Introducing Sessions.

Her second single “DreamTaun” was picked up by several radio stations in over 10 countries, and in 2019 se collaborated with Sony Music Japan. And, if it weren’t enough, Ekaterine was granted an “exceptional talent visa” by the Arts Council England in 2020. Big thumps up for her!

“Changes” now shows Ekaterine’s imperfect side, with a messy set of emotions and a sheer conviction to find catharsis through music. She is a girl aware of the hard work that lies ahead and she has never taken the easy way out.

Influenced by a long-list of female legendary performers, Ekaterine pushes trough life with a powerful will and conviction, ready to speak up and shout, loud and clear. A kind force of nature, tender but resilient to give everything she’s got and do anything she has to do to find her own peace and path.

If you find yourself to fit in with Ekaterine’s inner force, feel free to join her in her music and push trough life with focus, determination, and love. Self and universal. We are thrilled to see this young girl thrive and hope to hear from her again soon. In the meanwhile, listen to her new and previous singles, as they carry the voice of a new generation of female singers.

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