Zaeus ft. Faye “In Flames”

From time to time there come certain artists who challenge your auditive perceptions and your industry-standard song structure, pushing you to open your mind to new possibilities and sounds. Today’s artist does just that. Zaeus, collaborating with musicians from all around the world, presents us his first single “In Flames”, from his debut album “Be Still” due to release on May 7th.

A wandering, musical piece that mixes soft electronica, chillout and a mixture of different sonic elements from both the analog and digital world.

Zaeus is a musician who has been playing piano since he was 5 years old, which would explain his mature sound and groundbreaking compositions, based in Washington, D.C. He began playing with a couple of bands in LA, with genres that include soul, funk, and hip-hop, both having a decent amount of success.

His new endeavour now focuses on life’s struggles and journey, touching subjects like romance, anger, addiction, passion, survival, and spirituality. His debut album will feature collaborations with fellow artists and past bandmates, international musicians and even of his own family. A wide selection of musical individuals which covers the lands of U.S., Italy, South Africa, Indonesia, and South America.

“In Flames” feels like a mysterious journey where you don’t know what’s coming next, you might have an idea, but the song turns away and keeps evolving, circling in its ancestral vibe. You will hear saxophones, in-n-out drums, wide guitars, Zaeus’ core instruments: a 1980 Rhodes Fifty-Four and a 1982 Juno-60, and the featuring vocals of female artist Faye.

Also, there’s a selection of finely made electronic and digital sounds: a percussion-like rotating distortion, and background synthetic explosions. Faye’s vocals sound very mature and sweet, and Zaeus compositions captures a wavy underwater, downtempo vibe which resembles one of UK trip-hop legends Zero 7.

We are very eager to listen to what this interesting composer (and friends) have to offer. So stay tuned for more singles leading to the “Be Still” album release in May 7th. Meanwhile let yourself be carried away by Zaeus and Faye, in this far-reaching, unusual melody, sure to captivate and mesmerize every listener.

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