The Trudy “Dear Sancho”

Delusions. Dreams. In this crazy shifting world dreams often become delusions and the other way around. So, in our quests for fulfillment, how can dreams be differentiated from delusions? How can we reach our dreams when we are infested by delusions? All those questions, illustrated by a fitting story, have been put into an ethereal new song by The Trudy, offering plenty to think about and even more for pure enjoyment!


Based in London, The Trudy is a band that specializes in making delightful and infectious post-punk music. They have a decades-long history behind them, having formed in 1979 on the initiative of Peter Tagg, a former member of the cult band Cardiacs, and then split up in 1996 to pursue solo careers. Only to succumb to the calling and re-form in 2006, surprising existing fans and bringing a new wave of listeners on board with more fresh wind of music.


The group has also become known for their electrifying live performances as they’ve toured extensively across the UK, attracting rave reviews and radio plays.
In 2010 they contributed to the Leader of the Starry Skies: A Tribute to Tim Smith compilation with their cover of “Day Is Gone”, which also received plays on BBC 6 Music.

The Trudy "Dear Sancho" artwork

This month they’ve released a new single titled “Dear Sancho”. The first listen of this song becomes an immediate love-at-first-listen case with its bigger-than-life soundscape. The singer’s wonderful soaring vocals, the dark yet absolutely divine guitars, and the gentle shimmering sounds of vibraphone weave an unforgettable and vivid aural experience, one that just calls to hit that replay button.

The song is inspired by the relationship between the delusional noble Don Quixote and his down-to-earth squire farmer Sancho Panza, two characters from the Spanish novel written by Miguel de Cervantes. The story of the song is fittingly accompanied by a moody charcoal-drawn animated video offering an emotional smoky visual to the actions taking place.


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