The Winter Companions – “The Globe Shaped Earth Theory”

A beautiful musical critique of today’s world. Sweden duo The Winter Companions have just released their new EP “The Globe Shaped Earth”, and it’s a spot on musical review of how the world’s been functioning nowadays. Deceiving and mesmerizing, this 5 track EP is a ride of satire and sarcasm, cloaked with dreamy melodies and up-right beats.

The Winter Companions are a musical duo from Sweden, Andreas and Alex, who met each other at a a meeting for injured dancers and quickly realized they shared a common interests in birds and music. They released their first LP Bricks And Pines, Vol. 1 in 2019, followed by Bricks And Pines, Vol. 2. Their single The Moon And Ricki Lake was released in 2020 and now, they return with a very interesting representation of today’s world agenda, taking turns to discuss certain political characters, Covid-19 lockdown and rage, amongst other un-popular opinions.

The EP starts with Mariana Web Wiki, a song which’s intro promises a dream filled land, only to be woken up by the truths of social manifestations, violence and politics. Very counter-intuitive, a detail that I found very amusing. I believe that it’s never easy to achieve this kind of balance between harshness and positivity, but it seems that for these companions it is just another day in the studio.

Track 2, The Magic Caps Lock Trump Trick is an up-beat, drum & bass infused song with a bed of synths, pads and oscillating arpeggios. Another deceivingly happy tune with lyrics that question humanity about the lessons learned after watching everything burn, if there’s even been a lesson at all.

Lolcat Cemetery is track 3, and it’s a more hip-hop vibe song that urges you to “keep your mind safe as you run for cover”. Take what’s yours, run back home. Lockdown Lullaby is fourth track and it’s the first song with music that actually matches it’s somber lyrics. A downtempo, more relaxed beat with a dark tone. Mesmerizing and vintage feelings evolve throughout the song as Alex sings to the downfall of Hollywood. One of the best songs of the EP if you ask me.

Finally, my favorite track, Camp Crystal Lake On Elm Street, a nostalgic sounding tune that reminds us of Mr. Damon Albarn (Gorillaz). Beautiful composition and landscapes that make you feel “weightless and floating away“. A nice ending for this almost scary artwork.

I only regret this EP isn’t a bit longer, Andreas and Alex seem to be a very dynamic duo with a lot of wit and arranging talent, and this EP is filled with soul, honesty, opposing forces, and a bit of brutality. I absolutely loved it and I hope you do too.

The Globe Shaped Earth Theory is certainly not about high horses or low ceilings. It might be about a flat thing that is actually round. Digital torches and pitchforks. Nursing your inner edge lord and being seduced by a orange clown. The Globe Shaped Earth Theory is not a manifesto, it’s music. The listener is aloud (but not limited to) laugh, dance, sing, cry or panic.” / Alex & Andreas

One can only wonder if the world might take a positive turn soon. In the meantime we have The Winter Companions to keep us company in the cold corners of humanity. So to them we say, thank you, hope to see you soon.

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