“Early Dreamer” by Twin Stranger

Somewhere between Teenage Fanclub and Ben Kweller, Twin Stranger’s music has that feel good vibe. Alex McConnachie, the Welsh singer and multi-intrumentist is the man behind Twin Stranger, a power-pop project that has just released “Early Dreamer”, its 4th single in a year’s span. The new song showcases (again) McConnachie’s talent for memorable melodies, great hooks and a catchy bridge starting at 2:33. I love the vocals too, no auto-tune here my friends, just like we used to do it in the old days. Just honest vocals that show some vulnerability but remains strong.

One of the great qualities of Twin Stranger’s music is that it is eclectic yet recognizable from one song to the other. McConnachie states Grandaddy, Big Star and Stereolab as main influences. One could easily draw parallels between these three iconic bands and Twin Stranger but this band also has a sound of its own.

I’ve talked about music for warmer days in a previous review. “Early Dreamers” (as well as the 3 previous singles released by Twin Stranger) should definitely be part of your summer playlist. Let it be part of the soundtrack of your life, you’ll thank me for it 🙂

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