Electric High – Go Easy On My Heart

New EP time! 5 tracks from the Norwegian band Electric High of which 2 were previously unreleased: Go Easy On My Heart and Sexy One. The self titled opener was among the first songs they wrote, but at long last they got everything right recently to immortalize it in the studio. The theme’s a classic: Girl makes efficient use of feelings boys have for her by keeping them close, but not too close, to get whatever she wants. So when being in love actually sucks. But it sounds like a fine rocker to me.

Next up, Harder To Justify, is proper retro rock too, with a very 1970’s Sabbath instrumental groove (and solo!) while the vocals and intensity remind me of Mississippi Bones. In both cases that’s a massive compliment. Many try, few succeed. This succeeds without question. Waiting With A Gun has always been a favourite of mine because of those background vocals (a distorted “shut up! shut up now!”) that always get me. It’s a great stoner rock track, but this little thing just renders it solid gold rightaway.

Sexy One’s the other new track. It blends the uptempo grooves of Aerosmith and Wolfmother perfectly while being lyrically just great with its stuttering (Think the Who’s My Generation type) and the band just interrupting the attempts and moving on with the track. If anything, Electric High puts a smile on my face throughout this entire EP with such brilliant details like this. Finally the EP closes with Sleeping With The Enemy, on which the 70’s groove (especially during the instrumental half) is very very strong. But the good thing about living in the 2010’s is that these 70’s concepts actually sound dynamic now.

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