Fear The Tides – Home

Today I’d like to show you this track that makes me feel like Home again. In the sense that it makes me feel like an 18 year old metalhead again. It was 2001 and nu metal was going as soon as it came in favour of hardcore and metalcore and this track of the South African band Fear The Tides feels like something right out of that transition period.

The timeline of FTT is just as unorthodox as their timing… Home isn’t brand new, but was, along with 6 other tracks, released as instrumental track in January 2020 on their instrumental Home EP. Now, one by one, it seems they’re releasing these tracks, with much improved mixing and mastering, one by one as singles with vocals. Anchors was the first result of that in June and frankly: it was great. Truly solid result.

And now there’s Home, which does feel like early As I Lay Dying and Raised Fist era still. The drums have become a little louder, the vocals match the track perfectly and most importantly: This really cool stereo left-prrr right-prrr bit is kept from the original instrumental, but improved – it sounds much less choppy now. There’s also a truly nice hazy outro too. So all in all, the concept of expanding previously released instrumentals with vocals and improving every aspect works. Secretly crossing my fingers Mainstay will be the next to receive this treatment with its dynamics changes.

What’s most important, however: This rips and I’m definitely keeping my eyes (ears) peeled to see what’s next from Fear The Tides. And there are plenty of places where this can be done: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify. Where you can support music artists the most would be on Bandcamp.

It also helps to stream and share their music; you can obviously find it in the following Playlists: Less Than 1,000 Followers, Sickest & Dopest and Hot Stuff Metal.

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