Lewca – Walking The Hedgehog EP

Release date: Friday 19th March 2021

Lewca’s 2nd (5 track) EP is now out there for the world to discover!

Lewca wants to be heard! Lewca is right in your face!
He is going to be heard whether you like it or not …..

Not even 4 months have passed since Lewca gave us his first EP ‘3 Kids & A Mortgage’ – now he is back with his second 5-track effort ‘Walking The Hedgehog’. Ok, so you’ve got our attention already with the EP title and the cool artwork Lewca – but why so soon?

I’ve got to say – I’ve been pretty dismayed myself in the last year. No live concerts for more than 12 months has left me feeling very flat. Where are the artists that have something to say in these strange times we are living in? The silence has been pretty deafening. Who is doing something different and unique these days? Not many – it’s damning and saddening.

Step forward Lewca.

“I wanted to make an EP that was a studio attempt of a live gig experience… high energy and with sing-a-long tunes, I guess it’s a response to the frustration of lockdown… I generally write about my life with varying degrees of humor and/or irony… there’s no overall message to the EP, it’s just different shades of me”

Thank goodness! Someone who is going to attempt to give us some sort of life injection! Now we know why Lewca is back so soon – and we should be delighted that he is.
“On the offensive”

Lewca’s new EP is, in some ways – like listening to someone reading extracts from their personal diary. It’s messy, it’s ugly, it’s honest and it’s brazen. But we are going to keep listening – anyone who can make real life, everyday and the mundane this assertive and lively deserves our time and attention.

Lewca has got a great team to lean on and his creative juices are flowing – now we have to hope that nothing and no-one is going to hold him back. I would hate to attempt to pigeon-hole him, or try to trap him in a genre-hold – an untamed animal like Lewca needs freedom to roam. If we caged him, he would lose all of his entertainment value.

Brixton… Paris… Normandy… where next?

Walking The Hedgehog’s 5 tracks are a real mish-mash of sounds, styles and vocals – chameleon-like, Lewca shows off some of his distinctive, peculiar patterns and colors.

Driven by bass and drums, we open up with Young & Foolish and we are immediately catapulted into a simulation that isn’t far away from being front row at a Clash concert. The production on this one is fantastic, as are the backing sounds and vocals – they may as well be hecklers – the live experience isn’t the same without those idiots either, let’s face it.

Nuffink, with a quick nod to Madness – tells us the story of Lewca stealing his Dad’s money to buy himself an ice cream! – it’s 3 minute duration seems like only half that time.

If you were born with nothing
Where do you go from there?
Those that are born with nothing
Know that no one cares

Lewca’s roots, Lewca’s lyrics – it’s simple, it’s real and it’s profound.

We’re already in to track 3 before we know it – Bad Man is a proper stomper and it could well be a hidden track that we didn’t previously know about from the ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ soundtrack with Cave/Lanegan/Waits on vocals.

The somber intro to Fallen brings a totally different mood to proceedings – but Lewca rattles off almost 500 words in 250 seconds! This track is darker – it includes a recollection of his father’s death with a humorous slant – you will be gripped.

Lewca roars his way through the mental piano-led closer Giggle and his new 17 minute EP is over. Which can only mean one thing – it’s time to hit play and listen to it again!

Hopefully in the not too distant future, we will get to see Lewca and his crew up on stage in a packed venue. In the meantime, this EP is a shot in the backside we all need!

“Art as catharsis”

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