Mass Experience – “The Way It Makes Me Feel”

Mass Experience takes their listeners on an emotional journey through the world of Electronic music on their newest release “The Way It Makes Me Feel”. The song begins with cascading synths that lead into an introduction of organic drum patterns, both reminiscent of the staple sounds that helped to pioneer modern-day Electronic music. as the beat builds, Katie M Little’s angelic vocal tones set the mood, cutting through the original beat that was built while also taking time to compliment and work with her vocals as a cohesive song. The ambient synth melodies provide for a futuristic feel that touches base on a few different music stylings but kept me in a progressive and melodic house music realm. 

Mass Experience is a duo consisting of Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton. They met twenty-five years ago through their love of emerging technologies and dance music. After producing some of Sydney Australia’s most Iconic underground raves they set out to create their own euphoric and electronic-centric music. With their forthcoming album “Sitting With Demons” on its way, this is a powerful track that gives you more of a taste of what this heavy-hitting duo is capable of. 

“With many feel-good trips in the bag, the sonically sublime vocals of Katie M Little and Timothy Poulton on guitar and synth bring a wisdom and wide-angle lens to laidback electronica, effervescent dance and electro-pop, imbuing their sound with an earthy wonder and intoxicating escapism. The Way It Makes Me Feel continues to demonstrate that the ensuing album is made for fearless love warriors united on a journey into the unknown.”

Give “The Way It Makes Me Feel” a listen Here!

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