Teja Palace “Listen”

The busy everyday life in modern world has disconnected us from our spirits and the healing magic we all carry. In times like the current era where unnerving news constantly pour in from all directions, the need for healing has become more crucial than ever. Fortunately, there is a brand new Australian artist who has dedicated her music to lead the listener to a part of spiritual delight, and she has released her first single!

The Brisbane resident Teja Palace is not just an artist, but a spiritual seeker using her musical skills to communicate her messages of unity, healing and caring. Having been a successful DJ working for companies like Mercedes Benz and artists like Miles Davis, she has now put that aside to work on music production, to put what’s in her mind into music. Drawing inspirations from artists like FKA Twigs and Grimes, her sound is lush electronica, a feast for the soul taking place on an astral plane. Every beat carries the weight of the message in her music.

Teja is the sanskrit word with the meaning “to illuminate”. The name was gifted to the artist during an Ashram ceremony, and she has dedicated her music to illuminate, to reveal and to lead the listener to the path of healing.
The last three years have been busy for the artist as she created new music, and now she is ready to start sharing them with the world.

Her debut single, inspired by Aboriginal ways, is a mystifying voyage into the depth of the inner sanctum, and a call to listen to your own spirit and to respect others. Carried by the pleasantly rhythmic percussive jolts and the interweaving flowing of her vocals, the message of spiritual healing runs deep, opening a new realm for the listener. The stunning and downright electrifying synths feel like waves washing over your scalp when lying down to flow in the morning sea.

The inspiration for the song came to her during a period of deep healing and learning from an Aboriginal elder Grandmother Mulara. Having learned about the importance and power of deep listening and how it can heal, she now seeks to spread the message through the power of her music.

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