Your Friend Esteves – “Silicon Highway”

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away… well, not that far, actually in ours, but today’s song takes place not in Earth, but in one of Saturn’s moons: Titan. An outer-space song filled with love, an urge to escape, and synthethizers.

“The Girl From Titan” will be Dublin artist’s, Your Friend Esteves, new EP due to release in April 16th, and “Silicon Highway” is the first single of this cosmic tale.

“Silicon Highway” is the fictional tale of a girl living in the arid planes of Titan, and despite the wonderful sci-fi promise of outer-space, life is hard for her. Living only with her father, both seem to be under forced labor by an evil Lord. As she wishes for a better life, the song speaks to her with words of encouragement and hope.

A wonderfully well done stop-motion music video depicts the girl’s life, and the heroic efforts of her father to get her far away from such repressive conditions. Filled with action, the lego featured video adds to the space-electronic ambience of the song. So put your helmets on, and let yourselves be launched into outer-space.

Your Friend Esteves is the synth-electronic project of Portugal-Dublin artist, João, who, after several years of playing drums with different indie and rock bands, decided to make a project based only in electronic music. It was only after the release of his first EP Time Machine Generator, made up by three cover songs from artists who influenced him in his teenage years, that he started to release original music in his 7 track album The Lisbon Tales released in 2020.

Esteves composes, produces and records his own music in his studio in Dublin, and is later mixed by Daniel Doherty in Darklands Studio.

The song is a dreamy, synth-filled, outer-space vibed production with 80s styled drums and evolving bass, with Steves singing softly and almost romantically to the lost-feeling girl with words of freedom, fight and deliverance. Magical, celestial and otherworldl, this story grabs you with its electronic arms and takes you to a drive far beyond the stars.

Esteves roots and international perceptions between Portugal and Ireland bring a unique interest to his songs. He grew up playing piano and organ, and in teenage years the classical and electric guitar. But it was the drums what later came and ended up being his true forte. He has always showed a love for making music and his passion for electronic music production started in the early 2000’s with the composition of 3 experimental albums.

Beyond music, João also works as a software engineer, and loves spending time in the sea, surfing or kite-surfing.

We can’t wait to find out what came out to be from the girl’s and his father escape, where did they go? Are they still together? Will they return to Earth or find a new place amongst the stars? I’m sure we’ll find out soon, so stay close and keep your helmets on, as we wait for The Girl From Titan’s release. Have a good flight!

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