Abi Mia “Make Myself Tall”

In the month dedicated to commemorating women and their strength, Abi Mia invites others to stand proudly with the anthemic singleMake Myself Tall, a song that motivates and encourages anyone who’s ever been put down.

The London-based soulful pop singer-songwriter began her career during the pandemic. As a new artist who debuted during the pandemic and has slowly been learning more about the industry, Abi Mia has taken full advantage of her talents — those being her powerful voice and invigorating messages, which seem to match the thoughts of everyday listeners who seek power through music, that seamlessly adapt themselves into her lyrics — to find an audience who enjoy listening to words that come from the heart just as much as she loves writing and singing them.

From her debut with ‘Fly Your Way’ up to now, Abi Mia has released sentimental, intimate tracks that explore intense emotions and work as wake up calls or as reactions to certain negative actions she’s witnessed or experienced. This time, ‘Make Myself Tall’ works as a reminder to keep creating your own path, and that people who try to stop you at every step might not be as worth keeping in your life as you once thought.

In an interview with Ai Love Music, Abi Mia shared how when she was younger she used to listen to musical theatre and Disney soundtracks often; ‘Make Myself Tall’ might be the track where these old influences shine through the most. While the song is not an homage or consciously replicating their sounds, there is a familiar feeling akin to the music we associate with the climax in a Disney Movie.

‘Make Myself Tall’ is anthemic in every sense. The song starts off in a slightly dramatic, intriguing tone as Abi Mia’s soft vocals slowly join the instrumentals. The inclusion of a drum, which starts off in the background and makes itself noticeable right before the chorus begins, makes me think of the turning point in a character story: there is no going back, and the drums represent how the protagonist is determined to follow their own path and obtain a better future with the methods they trust.

There is also the matter of the lyrics. As the song is a reaction to someone constantly trying to put Abi down, there are certain moments in both the vocals and the lyrics that show the liberation she feels once she’s decided to cut that person off as she moves on to better relationships and people.

Another long-time influence that is felt in this track is the type of pop music Abi Mia has favored for a while. Since the beginning of her career she’s been honest about her love of strong vocalists who deliver powerful messages in a heartfelt manner, listing Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Amy Lee and Adele as examples. Her music is distinguishable and does not replicate the sound of any of the artists she admires, but it shares the similarity of trying to empower the listener by singing about the independence she’s gained, alongside other life experiences that included obstacles many struggle to move past.

It is always invigorating to find an artist with this purpose in their work, and Abi Mia has been a welcome addition to the club of empowering female artists since the start of her career.

There’s no telling how far she’ll go. Not even the sky’s the limit, and with her determined disposition and efforts, the only thing that’s clear is that Abi Mia is on the path to success.

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