“Dying to Lie” by Dusk Monk

The lockdown affected all of us, artists included. Some went down a tough road, others reconnected and found ways to create. This is the case for Dust Monk, a duo from Warrington, UK, a city between Manchester and Liverpool. The duo just released “Dying to Lie”, a retro-flavoured track that breaths warm days. 

The band call its musical genre “DustPop” and I would tend to agree with the term. Dust Monk’s sound stands somewhere between The Beatles (pre-Revolver), and a British version of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. Their use of acoustic instruments and great vocal harmonies wraps it all up in a unique yet familiar sound.

“Dying to Lie” is a great first single and puts Dust Monk on my music radar. I like its authenticity and laidback feel. It reminds me of some of The Lilac Time songs with a twist of South American folk but definitely British sounding. 

Spring is about to hit the northern hemisphere. The light affects our mood for the best and the temptation to roll down the windows, play shiny songs and enjoy the ride is undeniable. “Dying to Lie” will accompany me for the coming warmer days. 

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