Mako Bron – “Mirror Mirror”

A classic psychedelic sound resonates as Mako Bron opens his latest project “Mirror Mirror”. The first song “Awkward Moment” ties in these thoughts and feelings with yearning guitar riffs and chords that carry a driving beat over the classic reverb styled vocals. These elements push the track forward, ending with a nostalgic synth filled outro. 

“Something Always” is more of a ball with a strong baseline and hard hitting beat that carries the album along. An airy, almost spacey sound is formed as the vocals mesh with the supporting accents of the instrumentals. It’s a picturesque song that reminds me of some of my favorite soundtracks to cult classics and memories of simpler times. 

“Snow White” breaks into a synth pop, retro styled tone with an emphasis on analog sounds and drum machine patterns. As the build continues, Mako Bron uses the title of his project to tell a story with minimalistic yet impactful vocals. This was personally my favorite standout song off the album. 

The final song on “Mirror Mirror”, “Pulling The Line” is the perfect ending to a well rounded range of sounds coming from album as a whole. Mako brings his audience back in and takes more of an Indie feel with a use of traditional guitar instrumentation and vocals that fall in line with Modern Rock. This is paired with his own unique spin on the genre. 
Mirror Mirror shows Mako’s diversity and range within the sounds and genres that he decides to explore. For music listeners that enjoy Classic Rock, Synth pop, Electronic, and Indie, this project has a little bit of something for everyone. 

“You can’t deny Mako Bron’s verve. He’s a committed songwriter and musician with over 20-odd years of integrating passion with pragmatism. After an absence from music Mako is back to *bless* our ears with his new EP ‘Mirror Mirror’.”

Take a listen Here!

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