Sapienn, “Provocateur”

March 19, 2021

My fellow music enthusiasts, it’s great having you around for this New Music Friday entry! Today, I’ll have the pleasure of presenting the latest single by Sapienn, a Glasgow-based solo project that will help you set the right mood for a great weekend!

Scott Simpson is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist; after years of experience as a guitarist in Glasgow’s Metal scene, his interest for music writing and production found him working on the material for an acoustic solo project, Sapienn. The release of his first EP, “Hours of Despair” in 2016 was quickly followed up by a debut album (“A Black Sarcasm”) next year. These early works by Sapienn reflect the artist’s search for an unique sound while portraying the development of his musicianship and songwriting techniques. Scott’s music has been played on radio shows, he’s made appearances at festivals like Butefest and Gig At The Grounds, and released a second album (“Cold Logic”) in 2020… Sapienn manages to achieve a greater response from audience and critics with every new release.

When hearing “Provocateur” for the first time, I found myself discovering sound landscapes full of novelty; the rhythmic foundation of the song is presented during the introduction in quite a marvelous manner: the groove is strong right from the very first few seconds, before a bright explosion of synth chords and backing vocals unveil the very fresh and modern dimension of the track. All of the elements are nicely balanced across the multiple layers of sound, simple yet alluring melodies emerging and blending into the transitions that Sapienn has prepared for us. The vocal resources employed here are very effective in the creation of distinct timbric sensations, highlighting specific intentions behind each phrase of the song. Time really flies when you get to hear a track as good as this one!

“Lyrically, this track is about accepting your own flaws and not caring with others think of you. This song is a departure from my previous work, being more up-beat and groove-based. While it maintains a strong foundation in rock, it also draws from R&B influences. It was inspired, in part, by “Are You In?” by Incubus. It also features a psychedelic synth solo!”


This new single by Sapienn is a successful work in terms of musicality, but is goes beyond that; the message that Scott conveys through his lyrics can definitely be found on the music itself. While being clearly influenced by the styles he mentions, a sense of strong individuality and confidence is felt in his the departure from usual formulas, in this search for novelty that is often lacking in modern music (as adherence to prefabricated forms seems to be a constant in the industry). “Provocateur” is a song that is bound to resonate with lots of people, that’s for sure, as it inspires to look within yourself and to embrace those unrepeatable traits that make each individual capable of contributing to the world in an unique manner.

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