Shayla McDaniel “Let Me Breathe”

Relationships can be a blessing, but also a curse when the couple fail to realize when things have become sour. In this case an eye-opener and a friendly nudge is entirely welcome, particularly when it’s in the form of a song. It’s time to open up your windows and let in a breeze of a fresh new single to hold your hand and guide you to the truth!

Shayla McDaniel, hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter running a bold combination r&b and indie pop, with the result of a truly vitalizing sound. She has already gained quite a lot of traction by performing in a variety of local venues and radio shows, winning the hearts of many listeners as well as picking up prizes at a number of award shows. She has become known for both her energetic performances with the band, as well as her intimate solo shows. Full of positivity as well as carrying wise messages, her songs have the ability to turn into a life jacket in the stormy seas of life, and a good companion.

“I infuse my music with a message of caring for others as well as yourself.”

Today she comes out with a new single, a breather for those feeling suffocated in their relationship and a heavily relevant prompt for all to look into, and avoid such problems. “Why do we pretend?” and “Why do we keep doing these things?” – the artist raises those important and relatable questions that spread far beyond relationships, giving them weight with her deep and lush voice. The drums as well as the brass sounds add an immediate sparkling energy flooding out of the speakers. The song, inspired by her own experience, seeks to send healing vibes and help people stuck in similar situations.

This song was inspired by a relationship that wasn’t good for either of us. Neither of us truly wanted to be there, but we stuck around because it was what we had grown used to.

The drum beat was written by Peter Mansen of Deep Sea Diver as part of their #StayHomeStems series to collaborate with fans during the chaos of 2020. I re-recorded it so the drum tones would match my other songs, but I loved the beat.

I had recorded the rhythm guitar over the drum beat that Deep Sea Diver sent, but I still needed lyrics. I wanted to get the main vocal down before I wrote any other parts, so everything would add to or enhance the vocals instead of distracting from them. So I just hit record and started singing what I felt, and fortunately, it came out nicely. I kept it.”

So here it is, a hug of healing vibes packaged into a lovely new song. If you know someone in a similar situation, send it over to them! : )

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