Mighloe “Don’t Call Me”

Mighloe tastefully bats away all nuisances and unnecessary relationships in her single ‘Don’t Call Me’.

On the 12th of March, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Mighloe released the lead single for her forthcoming EP Desperate Times. This will be the emerging artist’s third independent EP release, and the first one licensed by the Toronto label Public Records Inc. This year, Mighloe is back with her riveting R&B sound, and with this track she shows more of the maturity and empowerment she’s gained over time. 

The song deals with the jaded perspective and attitude that can be formed after reaching your breaking point, and the tedious routine of reminding people to respect your boundaries. The track was produced by Dean Vision and LateNightDrive, and alongside them Mighloe achieved a suave, soulful sound that entrances her audience from the first note of the track.

Mighloe exudes self-assertion and confidence in Don’t Call Me. There is a slight annoyance felt in the lyrics, showing how the artist is tired of reiterating this point. In life, we meet multiple people and many of them will want to hinder our development of discovery of the self for some reason or another. Stopping each one of them to explain that you don’t have time for such nonsense is without a doubt frustrating: with Don’t Call Me, Mighloe announces her feelings regarding this topic for the last time, now ready to move on and keep advancing towards a better future with less obstacles such as these. 

While explaining the song, Mighloe shared that it came from a place of being fed up. The song is another way for her to tell the world that she will no longer allow others to take advantage of her time, attempt to hinder her sense of self, or take away any part of her identity. 

She added, “It’s me realizing that my energy is sacred and will not be disturbed. It’s the final ‘F**k You!’ But say it politely, ‘Don’t call me.’”.

The official video for ‘Don’t Call Me’, and great visual representation of the single.

The structure of the song and the repeating beats allow for the listening experience to pass by in a short amount of time, therefore it’s impossible to get tired of the track after multiple listens. Instead, each time you hear the chorus your desire to stay submerged in this beat will increase, and with each passing second the message of the song will be further ingrained in the listener’s heart and mindset.

Music can easily influence our emotions, and music like Don’t Call Me and Mighloe’s previous releases are the type to help you reflect on your current situation and the behavior you display. And so, as long as songs can help people grow and become stronger, Mighloe will keep being an artist that will change you for the better.

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