agne_b “le† mE GO”

After eight years in the making and several live performances, emerging artist agne_b finally shares the studio version of her track ‘le† mE GO’.

agne_b, whose full name is Agné Bergelyté, is a twenty-nine year-old Lithuanian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. The artist relocated to Liverpool at age eighteen in order to pursue a career as singer and songwriter, but her first contact with music can be traced back to when she was a child. 

At the age of seven, Agné began performing as a classical musician in orchestras and choirs, besides performing as a solo artist, playing violin (learned at age six) and piano (learned when she was ten years old). She became interested in poetry when she was fourteen, and as she developed a talent for writing she also began writing her own songs. At the same time, she taught herself how to sing. Over the course of seven to eight years, Agné became an all-rounder artist and performer. 

In Liverpool, Agné has performed in well-known underground, Zanzibar and Kazimier among them, and managed to play her original music in the TV show Made in Liverpool. In Leeds, where she currently lives, Bergelyté had a live performance in GALA in March of 2018. At the moment, she’s focused on preparation for her upcoming EP A+, which is set to be released this summer.

le† mE GO, the first single and part of the EP, is a track with a long history that causes a wrapped, suffocating feeling. 

The story of le† mE GO is one that, as previously mentioned, goes back to when Agné had just reached her twenties. The track has accompanied the artist throughout almost a decade of her life, and it carries a special sentiment akin to any companion who’s been part of your life for so long that it’s hard to imagine there was a time when you weren’t together. 

As Agné grew and changed, the song, too, began to take a different meaning that related more to the person she was becoming. While it originally spoke about heartbreak and Agné refusal to let go of a certain past, the song has evolved into the coalescence of some of her darkest feelings and the derealization that she’s experienced during her 20s, and especially in the past year. 

Listening to the track succeeds in letting us live a fraction of the emotions and experiences that inspire the song. While there are still some parts that can be interpreted to talk about a lingering heartache and forlornness, it is hard to focus on that past version of the song once you’re faced with the tenebrosity and disconnected-from-Earth energy the instrumental has.

For anyone who’s attracted to somber topics and more gothic sounds, le† mE GO is the perfect recommendation. It has the advantage of being being vague enough for the listener to have their own interpretation, fitting for audiences who love deciphering the meaning behind a song or projecting their own feelings onto the track; agne_b desired to create a song where anyone could find something different, and she’s achieved it in both the music and the lyrics.

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