Ant St. – “4 Soft Walls”

Latvian band Ant St. returns once more to deliver a 4-year-in-the making track that matches its title. “4 Soft Walls” is an indie, almost math-rock track with a big sound and a very interesting composition.

Ant St. is a band from Riga, Latvia created in 2013 by a group of friends who lived in the same street named Skudru iela. This name translates to “Ant Street”. But it wasn’t until last year, 2020, that they released their first single “Prism“, an acoustic ballad about failures in romantic love with vocals that reminded us of Brian Molko (Placebo).

In 2021 they released their second single, “You want, I don’t“, and it’s a more experimental, futuristic vibe, with ethereal ambiences and echoing surroundings.

Now, “4 Soft Walls” is Ant St.’s new proposal and it addresses the topic of unhealthy and doomed relationships with a lyrical composition that feels like poetry, with lines like:

You were made up by my imagination
Out of pretty seashells I’ve found washed up on a
Sandy shore that thought me patience.

A song that tries to describe the failure of idealizing someone you want, but all along you know he/she will break your heart. I think we can all feel empathic about this. Chasing and longing for something or someone who you think will mend your heart but realizing that the only one who can heal it is you.

A never-so-obvious truth lies behind this track’s lyrics, some kind of unspoken agreement between writer and listener. Four soft walls undoubtedly are for the crazy ones, and these might be for everyone who have been crazy in love.

The final version of composition was recorded in Tampere, Finland in the Mediapolis Studio at the end of 2020. The song is carried by a powerful and caring relationship between kick and bass, with acoustic guitars and echoing synths filling the space between. Adding to the final textures, vocal delivery is powerful and confident.

The climax features a wall of sound of guitars, drums, bass, and synths; a big explosion, just like the one you feel when in love, or, may I say, disillusioned.

The song is short, leaving space for the listener to wonder what will come next and wanting for more. There’s no doubt this Latvian band shares a passion for musical exploration and radar for new ideas, so we urge you to listen to all three of their singles and tell us what you make of them.

The no-international-barriers of digital streaming has proven to be a beneficial tool for artist all around the world, and the city of Riga is no exception. We welcome this new addition to the band’s singles and hope to hear a lot more from them.

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