Halle Abadi “Salvador”

Halle Abadi‘s charismatic flair is palpable in her second single ‘Salvador’, an empowering song that pays homage to the pop sensation’s own culture. 

Nineteen-year-old Halle Abadi is a breakthrough pop star, causing waves with her deep vocal ability, stimulating rhythm, and raw, passional lyrics. Every quality of hers is worth praising, as she’s slowly finding her way and establishing herself with her unique blend of Persian and Afghan elements and the widely loved pop sound, not to mention the empowering messages and vehement energy of her lyrics. 

Despite being raised bilingual, Halle’s true language is that of music. With a musical foundation starting at the age of five and the help of music producer  Christopher ‘C-Ray’ Roberts and OnKey Entertainment | Indasoul Entertainment, Halle Abadi plans to release a new single every eight weeks for 2021. 

‘Salvador’ is her second single, following the release of ‘Fault Lines’ on the twelfth of February. 

With the title of Salvador, it is only natural for the song to talk about a savior in one’s life. In this case, Halle sings about dealing with her own “Salvador”: a person determined to keep the both of them trapped in an unhealthy relationship. Known for her manipulative and hypnotizing tactics, this is the kind of person who’s more addicted to the chase and would leave once they receive someone’s heartfelt feelings. 

In this song, the artist deals with learning to refuse a Salvador’s advances, for she’s realized a person of such calibre is not one worth keeping in her life. Salvador manages to touch on a sore topic on an empowering note, focusing on the strength Abadi has found within herself after such experiences instead of dwelling in the heartbreak. At the same time, the lyrics do not hold any true remorse against the subject — after learning from the relationship, Halle Abadi doesn’t focus on revenge and recognizes some people just aren’t meant to be.

Having the fortune to talk with Halle, she shared more about the song. She stated, Salvador is really about enduring hardship, in this case brought on by a ‘Salvador’ or somebody who doesn’t have your best interest in mind, identifying what went wrong and vowing to never go back to that toxic cycle again. Salvador is someone who will try to pry themselves into your life and leave whenever they may find convenient.”

Besides that, readers of Less Than 1,000 Followers can now be privy to the conclusion of the story that inspired Salvador. In that same conversation, Halle shared more about her current feelings regarding the relationship that made this track exist. 

“The man who inspired Salvador kept me at an arm’s length and never expressed his true feelings with me, yet tried to convince me that he loved me. I realized quickly that I wasn’t getting what I deserved and left, for my own peace of mind. It might be interesting for your audience to know that the man who inspired ‘Salvador’ reached out to me yesterday, and I wish him nothing but the best! Some people aren’t meant for you, and not everyone who crosses your path is meant to stay in your life.”

The uplifting and ultimately positive outlook after the experiences that inspired this song are a positive influence on Halle Abadi’s audiences. Salvador achieves in becoming more than a pop song. Not only does the track pay homage to her Middle Eastern heritage and culture by implementing some of its beloved elements into its instrumentation, but the song is also incredibly helpful and honest advice being delivered in the format of an appealing tune and memorable lyrics. 

At a young age, Abadi has only started to show more signs of being an auspicious person with unlimited potential and a promising future. With a catalog that features songs about love, heartbreak and all the unconventional ways to talk about both topics, Halle Abadi’s music is therapeutic to her and her audience as well. 

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