Indira and Guppy Jo “Little Situation”

Breakups are no fun for anyone. The strong emotions resulting from disappointment, shattered hearts and self-images and fear overtake all mental resources, becoming exhausting. Help is dearly needed to regain strength.
In this time of mandatory isolation and social distancing, music becomes the most reliable friend that is always there no matter what happens outside the windows. I’m glad to introduce this American duo, who has released a new song, offering beautiful melodies as a helping hand and guidance to get back on your feet and find positivity.

Indira & Guppy Jo are a dynamic duo consisting of singer and guitar player Indira Sultani and percussionist Andrew Ullman. Formed in Kent where they met at the Ohio Music Shop, the duo have now embarked on an aural journey. Their songs are full of stories about living aboard, life experiences and feelings, all unravelled before being skillfully woven into relatable lyrics and uplifting sound. Light, gentle and summery, their indie pop sound heavily encourages tapping toes and taking on roadtrips, feeling like warm breeze in your face and hair.

Even though their sound feels like summertime in countryside, their brilliant music has actually reached beyond the boundaries of Earth all the way to intergalactic space as they have performed for Darth Vader and a group of Stormtroopers. Darth Vader has good taste in music, it turns out!

The new single titled ‘Little Situation’ is an uplifting treat connecting the states of sadness of breakup and the positivity of learning from experience and looking onwards. As the song culminates, the flood of soaring feel-good guitar and her soft yet determined vocals energize the listener. An excellent healing medicine for those of us wounded from recent breakup, as the tune takes the form of an optimistic friend picking you up from the ground, wiping away your tears and offering a muffin, and then dragging you outside into the sun, to the new beginning.

A sip of fresh water for the thirsty, a ray of sunlight after darkness, delicious serving of food for the starving, this song energizes and rebuilds. Catchy and relatable, this song and the artist will definitely find a place in your music collection!

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