“Looking Glass” by Sweet Jayne

Musically something creative & wonderous is occurring in Dublin, Ireland lately… Out of a rock solid foundation in part established by the likes of Lankum, Lisa O’Neill & Caoimhin O’ Raghallaigh comes this beguiling offering from Sweet Jayne.

Looking Glass is Dublin based Sweet Jayne’s debut single as a solo artist. The song is a dreamy fantastical escape from reality, without leading the listener too far down a rabbit hole. Charming and eloquent, it brings one on a ramble through the mysteries of the mind…

Sweet Jayne is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter with a strong pedigree from experience as a session musician and fiddle player having played in such high esteemed company as The Chieftains  and De Dannan’s Frankie Gavin. Listen closely and you can hear the ghost of Sandy Denny coming through in the delicate vocals…

“Looking Glass is a playfully reflective homage to nature in a metropolis… it has a childish quality with sinister undertones. Delightfully complex. A sound for sore ears. This release is a spunky breath of fresh air. It smells of a new spirit that’s only starting to be tapped into…”

“To me, this song signifies new beginnings. It’s a reawakening of my creative spirit in a way, like a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis? Ah jaysus is that too much? Ha”

Sweet Jayne

I get the strong feeling that “Looking Glass” is a tender scaffolding to a more robust offering that lies, hopefully, in the not too distant future…

I await from the safe side of this looking glass…

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