Graham Coe, “Here I Am”

March 24, 2021

My fellow music enthusiasts, I hope you are all enjoying a smooth transition into Spring, and that you are ready to catch up with the latest releases we’ve prepared for you. Today, we’ll be presenting the second single by Graham Coe… may you enjoy this one as much as we did!

Graham Coe is a singer/songwriter from Wicklow, Ireland. In his work we find the reminiscence of a childhood influenced by church music and singing in the scenic landscape of West Wicklow. After playing in bands over the last 20 years, Graham recently ventured into songwriting, recording these pieces with his voice and an acoustic guitar. After debuting with the single “A Moment in time” in July 2020, his second release is now available.

“”Here I am” was created in response to a moment of reflection and spiritual soul searching. It’s essentially a song about a need for the divine, or someone all compassionate and altruistic to help us get through difficult times.”

Graham’s vocal performance in “Here I am” is tremendously evocative: a full-bodied yet ever gentle delivery that explores the transcendental concerns arising from human experience and the acknowledgment of profound feelings like longing and hope. As the song undergoes its development, the initial vocal range employed by the artist becomes wider, highlighting the expressive nature of the melodic material; the gradual appearance of additional voices results in a choral texture that further on leads the listener into an exceptional musical experience.

“For anyone who hasn’t heard me before I write choral folk music that contains a deep sense of vulnerability and honesty blended with a passionate vocal delivery. I like to write music that is emotive, thought-provoking and meaningful. “Here I am” is the follow up to “A Moment in time” which was released in July 2020 and I’m looking forward to releasing more songs in the months and years ahead.”


The sensibility portrayed in “Here I Am” is present on every single aspect of the work; the heartfelt melodies, the soft guitar accompaniment, the nature of the lyrics and the performance itself… Graham Coe has achieved to make the best out the possibilities offered by acoustic music. The emotional responses that he is able of awakening in people is notable, and this is a touching song that really speaks for itself. We’ll be looking forward to hear more of his work in the future, be sure to check out this single in the meantime!

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