New single and video release – 26th March 2021

Australian artist begins his solo journey…..

Some of the very best recipes call for a wide variety of ingredients. Producing an exquisite meal at the first time of asking when using one of these recipes is a very tough ask! Cast as the chef in this analogy, Harry Dean Lewis has attempted to cook up something very special and he has mixed together a wide variety of ingredients on this, his debut solo single!

You will have to decide for yourself whether or not these ingredients work together – but one thing is for sure – this song will give you an appetite and you’ll want to come back for seconds!

The atmospheric promotional video was made in collaboration with renowned artist Marko Zink, produced & directed by Maria Magdalena Pressel and filmed by JXRGEN.

This is a song with more hooks than a galleon full of pirates! A swirling, eerie intro. makes way for an electronic build, before it eventually bursts into pulsing dance-pop territory. It’s a song that takes you on an intense musical trip in less than 4 minutes and it’s all underpinned by Harry’s unique vocal delivery.

There are elements of this song that you will think you have heard before – but you never have, well not quite like this! Like a long-established favorite meal, this is a song you’ll keep reverting back to again and again.

Harry is a musician and songwriter who wants to focus on ‘story-telling’…

I am personally very interested to see what Harry ‘cooks’ up next. You too can follow his progress and ‘taste’ his future creations by using some or all of the links below.

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