S.A.A.R.A stands up against formulaic pop and electronic dance music, showing her multiple talents and distinctive sound  in her groove-based single ‘FOREST’.

The North London-based composer, performer and sound artist, S.A.A.R.A, is a multilayered artist whose music has roots in indie, new wave, electronic dance music, and more genres. With seemingly no boundaries when it comes to creation and innovation, the artist is dedicated to honing her songwriting, production and performance skills. In order to do so, S.A.A.R.A is involved in the projects City Lights (garage funk), Ezra Bang and Hot Machine (“guerilla funk”), Ash Walker (trip-hop), and most recently, Westerman (alt-pop), among others.

FOREST is a retro-infused electronic dance song that opens the doors to a tantalizing dreamscape, with several elements from a multitude of genres and different moments in time. The song, despite leaning towards a certain period in time for club music, has a timeless feel that allows the listener to lose track of their space and time as they keep listening. 

“This was the first song I wrote for this project and the first song I had finished in a long old time!! I wanted to create a track that felt like a club mix – something that people could dance to- with the vibe of a DNB track,” the artist corroborated when asked for more details about FOREST.

S.A.A.R.A continued, stating how “at the time, I was studying an MA in experimental music and had become interested in exploring the line between what we consider reality and hyperreality, the IRL (in real life) vs the URL (online). This song is about not being quite certain whether you are in a weird dream or a dystopian reality and trying to find something, anything, to confirm it. One of my favourite lines is “sometimes I look at you and I wonder if you’re on my TV, but I don’t think you’re real, I’ve seen you running through the forest”.”

FOREST plays and dances on top of the line meant to divide reality and illusion. With enchanting sounds such as the woodwind and her alluring, repetitive vocals blending with the electrifying instrumental FOREST becomes a hybrid of both worlds — containing the happiness felt after ending a long day of work and the reminiscent feeling of dancing and losing yourself in a large crowd, along with the fantasy of flying high among the bright stars and softest of clouds, or meeting a fairy while walking through the busy LED-filled night street. 

At the same time, the song blends multiple sounds and genres that span across several decades, emphasizing her 70’s and 80’s underground New York club inspirations. The combination of disco, funk, new wave, pop and indie and the prominent bass and drums make the track stand out, as it is incredibly familiar and it’s own definition of music. 

In the end, no matter how hard it is to capture FOREST essence with words, it is undeniable that it stands out when placed in the current homogeneity of the dance-pop genre. S.A.A.R.A is determined to keep creating electronic dance music with a twist, slightly going against the grain in order to take her listeners on a journey never experienced before. Whether she’ll achieve that, it only depends on if you’re brave enough to give it a try.

If you enjoyed S.A.A.R.A’s music and would like to stay updated, be sure to check out her official website. For social media you can follow her Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. To listen to her music, you can head over to her Spotify profile and  Soundcloud, or you can purchase her music in Bandcamp.

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