Annika Jayne & Nathan Peter Illes – “By Your Side”

Long time in the making, Annika Jayne’s new single is a lonesome chant that found its birth in 1994. All the way to present day, “By Your Side” sees at last its final form and stands proud among the modern, wistful, romantic ballads.

Annika Jayne is a singer-songwriter who’s been making music for 30 years now, and had the raging desire to record the songs she wrote back in 1991-1995, when she first started songwriting. Now, in 2021 she is ready to launch “The Nostalgia EP“, a full five piece EP with songs created in that era, and today’s single is the first of them.

A song about falling in love, departures and things left unspoken, “By Your Side” tells the story of a younger Annika who fell in love with Stéphane, a french gentleman, but sadly, life took them apart as Stéphane had to move away before they could begin to really get together.

Full of broken heart and untethered bonds, this song speaks out for those who have love and lost, for all the unfulfilled promises and empty spaces. But don’t let yourself be brought down, as this song, even with its sad background, is a sweet, melodic, organic and nostalgic tune that will keep you swaying all the way through.

I actually gave the song (By Your Side) to Stéphane as a goodbye present back in 1994. The lyrics were very different as I’ve revised them but the music is still more or less the same.” – Annika

With support from Nathan Peter Illes, this song became a duo as Annika always intended a 2nd voice. The song is filled with organic elements like crisp acoustic guitars, shakers, an harmonica, bells and even a cello. Of course we can hear Annika’s and Nathan’s voices, with some beautiful harmonies from Nathan in the chorus, completing the nurture of Annika’s sweet melodies.

“Heartfelt, authentic songs in three languages. Stories taken from real life with a touch of romance. Quiet sounds that make waves. Melodies that touch your heart. These are the keys to Annika Jayne’s music.”

Annika writes her song in three different languages, as she first found inspiration in American folk music, then French and German. In 2016 she participated at the Labos Chanson at Astaffort, a songwriting workshop organized by Voix Du Sud, the famous songwriting school of Francis Cabrel, which then led her to work on French chansons together with Olivier Daguerre, Bastien Lanza and Davy Kilembe.

She recorded her first album, Fabulous Sceneries, in 2009, with 12 songs written in English and French, and she recently launched a four song EP titled Time To Spread Your Wings in 2020.

“By Your Side” promises a good start for Annika’s new EP (due to release in April 2nd) which will be a collection of a teenager’s stories of ups and downs in love, and it’s sure to warm the heart of those who’ve been in her place, or at least, help them in their duel. So if you feel inclined to discover what Annika has to offer we urge you to press that play button right now and feel the warm, country-like breeze of Annika’s voice and composition.

Song & Talk im Kaiserhof, Saarbrücken, 10.3.2014 (Photo: © Zippo Zimmermann,


Produced by Annika Jayne and Nathan Peter Illes
Acoustic Guitar: Annika Jayne
Vocals: Annika Jayne & Nathan Peter Illes
Harmonica: Orange G
Cello: Charlot Rivero
Percussion: Larry Salzman
Mixing and Mastering: Nathan Peter Illes
Cover Design: Akila Shehan

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