Calm – “Eat Shit Everyone”

Powerful, aggressive and funny, this four punk lads from London have managed to bring us a quite energetic song made at distance, slapping in the face of the pandemic and pointing fingers to everyone caught up in their self-centered antics to save themselves from Armageddon. “Eat Shit Everyone” is a blasting, full-throttle song meant to make you bang your head, ride your skate board and help you have a good time in isolation. Gear up, and let’s roll!

Calm is a four-man English band that has been around for about 10 years. Searching for their own sound, the band started off as a d-beat, ragged skate punk band which then moved to a more mid-west emo direction until they finally settled on that good time, rock’n’roll, catchy punk rock that they all grew up loving.

“Eat Shit Everyone” was written in the midst of the pandemic, just before the first lockdowns started to happen. Singer Ashley Merritt wrote the song with the premonition that shit was about to hit the fan HARD, and so the sound and sentiment of the tune is a mixture of the anxiety that resulted from the weight of impending doom and the anger that grew up on him as he witnessed people from all around the world prepping for doomsday like selfish children.

The song is an up-beat, pop-punk vibe with energy to last you a whole weekend. This includes driving bass, blasting drums, soaring guitars and a powerful vocal performance by Ashley.

The ethos of this tune was to create an old school, fast ass punk rager that would’ve made you wanna skate and cause some mischief with your mates when you were a kid! The tune was inspired by the cesspit actions of people around the coronavirus epidemic.” – Ash

Inspired by also energetic-filled groups like Rancid, Green Day, Napalm Death, At The Drive In, The Dead Kennedys and Fall Out Boy, the music from Calm is very counter-intuitive to their name, but hey, I’m not complaining! Calm sounds professional, big and raw, and feels like a quick drive down and empty highway, or a Saturday night with your friends where the only goal is to get f***d up, and we love it.

Ash was upset by all the egoism and stupidity surrounding individuals making doomsday shopping before the isolation started: “The insane year that followed definitely bought out some of the best aspects of humanity but frankly at that time all I could see was a bunch of assholes buying all the hand sanitiser and toilet roll’s they possibly could. Pricks.

“Eat Shit Everyone” is meant to raise the middle finger to everyone so selfish to not care about his neighbor and the feeling that everything you love is about to crash down. A cocktail of emotions, from anger to anxiety, Calm brings us an ode to catastrophe, one that reminds us to an early My Chemical Romance.

The song was recorded at Homefire Studio’s in Harrogate with the help of Calm’s good friends John Shepherd and George Tyreman. “Those guys are really incredible and we couldn’t do all this without them!”

Calm has played a bunch of little punk shows in the north and a handful in London and they cannot wait to expand that a bit with this “new, far more energetic, catchy material!” The band is formed by Ashley Merritt – Guitar and Vocals, Fred Jones – Guitar, Jamie Lyons – Drums, and Raphael Amancio – Bass.

Calm’s message for first time listeners is: “We want Calm to be the soundtrack to those summer nights where you and your mates get far too messy and end up in a field singing far too loud!

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