Abrasive Trees – “Without Light”

Utterly personal and introspective, today’s EP carries the sound of a million thoughts stored in the backroom of your unconscious. “Without Light” is experimental Post-Punk band, Abrasive Trees, new EP, and it has a soft yet gritty aura that will help you enter a meditative state. A hazy world of emotional process.

“Without Light” is a four track EP that features members of Rothko, Evi Vine and Fields Of The Nephilim. Scheduled for release via their SHAPTA label on Friday 26th March, the whole EP offers a guitar-dominant, eerie and even somber vibe, with long-lasting airy drones and layered textures.

Abrasive Trees is the creative vehicle for Scottish composer Matthew Rochford, and has been described often as stunning (BBC introducing), atmospheric’ (Post-Punk.com) and ‘perfectly evocative’ (Aural Aggravation). He has shown a heavy interest in trying to convey matters of the human psyche, voice, and spirit; often seeking to make sense of that which is unspeakable.

Keeping a post-punk sound and aesthetic, Matthew finds inspiration in other genres like post-rock, folk and psychedelia. One can find either despair or hope in his music, maybe even both, but what is for certain is that it is intense with a hint of yearning, and a fistful of aspiration.

Title track “Without Light” is a clean, electric voyage to the inner mind, the pursue of riddance and the search for connection, either with one-self or with a loved one. Here, Matthew intended to represent the loss of the inner spiritual guidance of wisdom and then being able to find it again, whatever the circumstances. “It’s also about the loss of my father, who I was very close to and he was a poet.” – Matthew.

Full of a long, electric and distorted ambience, Without Light shows full disclosure of a long-felt anguish, the acceptance of the truth and the build up of the strength to continue.

Track two, “We Rise“, follows the heavy, eerie atmosphere with new textures, long-tailed reverbs and spoken words. Words to keep you on your feet, reminding you not to give up, to keep on. “We rise, we rise.”

Alone In The World” steps up the stillness with a recurrent leit motif, delayed foleys and quiet spaces. Meditation state can come when you least expect it in this one. This track features Peter from The Nephilim.

The EP ends with a remix of Without Light created by Rothko, with a more intense and present drum beat, and tiny but perceivable details.

“This EP has challenged me to go deeper and have a consistent intention with each track. The music is the result of an emotional process that I think you can definitely hear in the music. I think even when there is grief in music it’s important to know that although we are fragile we can bounce back and feel happiness again.” – Matthew

We can agree with Matthews words and wish him love and strength in his healing process. Originally from Aberdeen but of Asian/English heritage, Matthew mainly works from his studio near Totnes in South Devon where he also runs his micro-label SHAPTA.

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