Jacqueline Loor “Carry Through”

In this busy world, the feeling of being alone is stronger than ever. Loneliness coupled with facing everyday problems will eventually suck daylight out of our lives.
It’s time to introduce a new single that was created with this in mind, becoming a powerful tune shatters the darkness and reminds you’re appreciated and loved!

Jacqueline Loor is a promising young artist whose music speaks passion, vulnerability and hope carried by her incredible vocals. Lyrics of raw emotion and deep introspective soundscapes give an authentic window into our emotions, allowing to see what we really feel and showing a path to healing.
She has a previous feature blog post written for her single “I Broke My Heart”, a revelation through the pain of heartbreaks – click here to read more about that.

Today’s single is a different pearl. Loor collaborated with a fellow artist Maria Requena, who goes by alias Sunflower Summit. This single is the fruit of their first collaboration, done over Zoom sessions with effort all over the world, with mixing done in Texas and mastering in Australia. Inspired by the likes of Gabrielle Aplin, Ruelle and Sara, the duo took up a singer-songwriter approach, both of them adding their voice to the craft.

The result, a gentle piano song is not just a song, but a story of two people in the form of a duet. Loor’s voice is so emotional here, almost on the verge of weeping, representing the vulnerable person in need. Sunflower’s caressing and soft vocals represent the warmth of a friend or family member who comes to reach out and help carry the other through hardships of life. With the support of family and friends, even the darkest times will pass.

“Maria and I really shared similar stories and struggles growing up but we have grown so much from them. We both have a strong desire to help people get through the tough times, so we decided to write a song that could shine a light for the world in such a dark time.”

This beautiful single is a perfect reminder that you’re never alone, and to reach out for help. A good tune to send to someone you appreciate and love!

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