Jon and Abbie “Still Life” EP

Grief, loss, self-doubt and being alone with a broken heart are all feelings that all of us come across on our paths. The emotional weight can be crushing and leave us deeply wounded.
With this in mind I am glad to introduce a collection of beautiful music with relatable lyrics to heal the wounds. Here’s an entire EP to help you understand yourself, to release the emotions and break free from the dark and to walk on towards the light!

This project is a collaboration of two friends, Jon Sandman and Abbey Loosemore who have always wanted to make music together, but were too often caught up by busy life. Things changed when the germs took over and lockdown happened, and Abbie found herself writing lyrics to pass her time. Jon found this to be great opportunity to make a start on their first musical project.
Together they now create a lovely blend of acoustic folksy post-rock, channeling their thoughts on happenings thrown at them by life into their beautiful soul-healing music.
Jon & Abbie have a previous feature in the blog for their single Still Life which you can read here.

The duo are now ready to come out with their first EP titled “Still Life”. This EP is a delightful little package consisting of 5 tracks, including two new songs in addition to three previously released singles “Still Life”, “44 Days” and “Marmalade”. The songs in unison are a collective reflection of the duo’s experiences over the past year – grief, loss and heartbreak following a breakup, and newfound freedom after the fact.

The first title that begins the journey, “Could’ve Been You”, is a gentle sorrowful song, yet it keeps its head high as the lyrics reminisce on past relationships and the what-if moments.
The last song to finish off the album is “The River”, a heavily emotional song about embracing grief and its crushing weight. A reminder to look up sometimes – remember those who have passed. This song was written in memory of Abbie’s grandfather.

The EP carries so much heavy emotion, yet it manages to remain light and soothing, as if its reminding that no matter how sad and terrible you feel, no matter what happened to you, there is still light and hope. A beautiful little EP to add to your collection and to keep at arms reach for when you need something uplifting that understands you.

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