Nana M. Rose “Sweet Honey”

Springtime romance. Your soul taking on the colors of spring blooms. There’s not much else that is equally as magical and light as that.
I’m glad to introduce a new single that sounds exactly like this and much more – read on to learn more about this new song that will carry this feeling of magic no matter what season you play this in!

Nana M. Rose is a Rotterdam-based artist who has a knack for writing powerful piano ballads. Her beautiful voice carries through moody and spacious soundscapes, setting a contrast between gentle piano notes and her flood of emotion. Result is a collection of captivating songs that are both intimate and enormous, longing and celebrating.

The artist career began when she discovered her voice at the age of 15, which took her on to performing for audiences. By 18 she took on London, gaining more experience performing and knowledge on local music scenes, and after that she went on Codarts Conservatory to study songwriting and pop vocals.

She has toured in UK, New York and Netherlands, earned nominations (Rotterdam 2020 “Song of the Year”) and praise for her works and performed her first singles live on leading Dutch radio channels. All this and more has reinforced her status as a must-know artist on her way to stardom.

Her new single is called “Sweet Honey”, and it’s a very special song, as it’s not only the leading single to her new EP, but also a departure from her previous piano ballad works. This one, as soon as you hit play on it, hits with a flowing, sensual sound that feels fresh like springtime romance. Toe-tapping rhythmic, spacious, lush, it sounds almost like a movie score with a light hint of oriental world.

The song is an ode to being in love, perfectly describing how it feels like – floating sky-high in the magical, sparkling world. Nothing else matters!
Higher volume is recommended, this song is guaranteed to wash over you and surround with all that wonderful magic.

This song is the first glimpse into the aforementioned new EP, based on her journey of rediscovering and reinventing herself and breaking free from overthinking and the ways of this competitive individualistic world. The new body of work encourages listener to love thyself, feel all the emotions without any filtering and to feel no shame.

Make sure to put down a note for May 21st for the new release!

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