Natasha Ghosh “Paradise”

Letting us into her romantic atmosphere, Natasha Ghosh shows the beauty of escapism in ‘Paradise’.

Born in 1997, Natasha Ghosh is a young artist who originated as  a Dutch-Indian fingerstyle ukulele player. She is currently more focused on singing and releasing her own solo music. This year marks the beginning of her career, as she’s finally ready to share her original music with the world. 

As an artist, Natasha Ghosh leans towards the styles of R&B, indie electronic, lo-fi, and hip-hop. Besides including those sounds in her own music, she also covers and performs existing songs, later uploading them on social media such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, and Patreon, with a total of over 25.000 followers so far.

Paradise is an emotional and clearly personal song,which touches upon the unique type of romantic escapism that can only be done by lovers. The song emits an equal amount of yearning and passionate serenity. The intensity of the emotions carried by the lyrics are slightly contradictory to the relaxed beats and the softness of Ghosh’s voice, but the contrast creates an attractive experience that shows all the different ways in which love can be expressed.

Ghosh reveals that the song was written with her girlfriend in mind. The sincerity of her emotions can truly be felt every aspect of the song. Paradise is a product made with as much love as the one she holds for her romantic partner. 

The artist stated her beliefs regarding relationships. “I believe that it’s important to show the people you love what they’re worth to you. In an ever-changing society where all kinds of stuff are happening around the globe, it’s good to focus on the good things.”

Regarding her collaboration in Paradise, Natasha Ghosh had the opportunity to work alongside famous lo-fi artist Kid Kio, who’s attained almost a million monthly listeners and to be featured in official playlists several times on Spotify. Although they did not have a chance to meet up due being in the middle of a lockdown, the artists were able to come to an agreement. Each of them worked in the safety of their own home studios

She also had nothing but good words to say about Kid Kio.  “It was such an honor to work with Kid Kio! He has a very open heart and is such a creative soul. I look forward to making more tracks with other artists. It’s important to blend creativity together to discover more about yourself, others and also enter new fields of music that I couldn’t have entered on my own.” 

As with all successful collaborations, both contributions are of equal importance. The beat provided by Kid Kio is the ideal instrumentation for Ghosh’s vocals and the theme and allegory of the song. With their work combined, the end product is nothing short of outstanding and, quite frankly, beautiful.

Perhaps the cover art for this single has deeply influenced this impression, but the song feels reminiscent of the widely-known aurora borealis. Although the paradise the song alludes to is more of an emotional state, associating the northern lights with the lo-fi beat and Natasha’s dreamy lyrics and voice comes like a second nature. 

An endearing love song with an air of youth surrounding it, this lively and peaceful track will either make one feel nostalgic for those moments when we seeked a paradise privy to us and a loved one, or it will ignite the desire to find someone who can be part of your personal paradise. 

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