Robert Vendetta’s heartbreaking single “If It’s Over”

Our favorite Norwegian artist returns once again with a heart-breaking delivery, a piano-arranged ballad that speaks for all the brokenhearted, the desperate, and the lonely. “If It’s Over”, Robert Vendetta’s new single, once again proves him to be a sensitive musician with a great capacity to transmit, both audibly and visually.

The song speaks of a man desperate to know the feelings of his lover if she still loves him and if there’s still a chance, but getting no response, no phone calls or texts. Just silence. This a feeling well-known by every hard-loving, sensitive man out there, and this song feels like a tear-jerking anthem for all of them.

In case you haven’t heard of him, Robert Vendetta is a Norwegian artist, actor, and composer who found himself influenced by many great showmen like Elvis, Dee Snider, and James Brown. He has shown a brilliant capacity to cover different genres in his own style and has had different presentations all around the world, both on TV and radio.

Robert is a performer, one very conscious about his image, who seeks freedom on how to look, what to wear and how to act, always keeping it true to his personal self. He’s been nicknamed “The Norwegian Mariachi” by his own label (Lazarus Music) simply because he’s always wanted a mariachi suit. He also invented Retropop, or modern old as he likes to call it sometimes, and it is what defines him as an artist.

“If It’s Over” was written in Puebla, México. Robert was on his first trip to Mexico, visiting one of his best friends. Sadly, his best friend’s grandmother was dying, so Robert met her family at the hospital, something he describes as a “very strange and sad experience.

When her grandmother died, I was placed in the grandmother’s apartment, while the arrangements were taken care of. In the flat was a guitar. Thinking of her sad family I wrote this song – so there came something beautiful out of all the sadness.” – Robert Vendetta

Robert changed the lyrics a bit to fit the concept of the forthcoming album, procuring the essence and feelings to be the same. There’s actually a previous version of this song, recorded with Robert’s old band “Robert Vendetta and the Moonlight Stiffs” on an album that was never released. “That version was guitar-driven, but this version is mostly just me and my old, rusty piano. And a lot of air and pauses.”

“If It’s Over” also features Anders Jansvik on drums and Alma Raude Bostad on oboe, and it is accompanied by a wonderful music video by Marius Martinsen. The song was played, made, and produced by Robert Vendetta and mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen at Propeller Mastering.

Straight from the heart, this sensitive side of Vendetta promises to send chills down the spine of even the hardest men.

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