Santi Forget “All My Life”

Santi Forget talks about the first moments of falling in love, as well as the beginning of her first EP, in her single  ‘All My Life’.

Starting her career early in 2018 as she wrote and recorded in Dream House and SandBox Studios, Santi Forget has navigated through a multitude of different styles of music, up until she found her voice in RnB Soul with a flare of Spanish Rap.

The single was recorded during the summer of 2020, when Santi spent six weeks in a studio near Cabbagetown, Toronto named Patchwork. There she had the chance to work closely with musician and producer Corey Wong, also known as HMLT. HMLT also helped in the rest of “Dear New Love”

As the first single, All My Life does an exquisite job at conveying the main theme of the EP. Being a song about the beginning stages of falling for someone or entering a relationship, it already gives a proper introduction to the rest of the project and it nicely starts the narrative of a work centered around a recently obtained lover.

That is not to say that All My Life only works in the context of the EP. Of course, in order to be a first single a song must have what it takes to enthrall listeners, and this one definitely works that and more.

“[During that period] all of my song ideas and lyrics were reflecting my relationship at the time. I found my inspiration through real life events. Music for me, is kinda like storing a juicy memory through sound and tones. All My Life describes the initial ‘falling in love” stage with a lover. All my life I had been waiting for someone like them and I hope it’s mutual.”

All My Life is a memorable track that contains the most loved elements of soul and R&B, two genres with African-American roots that are widely known for their emphasis in the rhythm section and the lush vocals arrangements accompanied by pleasing close harmonies. Santi accomplishes both of these main characteristics, perfectly fitting into this style. However, as an artist who wants to create her own sound, Santi decided to go a step beyond and add another element to the mix: urban Spanish music. 

The aforementioned urban Spanish influence comes through after the first chorus, when we’re greeted with a slow Spanish rap that’s equally romantic as the English lyrics. The inclusion of a second language adds a welcome change to the classic R&B formula, and the blend of these two genres and influences does more than showcase Santi’s mastery of two languages; this romantic language adds a second and deeper layer to the feelings of love Santi describes in the song. Its usage is another way to show how even all those words are not enough to tell everything Santi feels, for she requires at least two languages to begin expressing her love.

“My rap verse in Spanish is more intimate because everything sounds more lovely in Spanish. “Sin tu amor me muero, papi the quiero” literally means “without your love I will die, I love you”. You could see how singing that in English could sound quite intense! I was raised by a Peruvian mother and acquired the language all through high school Spanish class. I’d like to continue writing in Spanish. I thought for this upcoming EP I must showcase I am bilingual to my audience.” 

By combining three popular aesthetics and sounds, Santi Forget delivers the best of both of her worlds, paying homage to all the different styles she loves and has grown up with. As a song that has one feet in the old classic perspective and another in the new outlook, All My Life makes sure that you won’t forget about it anytime soon.

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