Test Card Girl, “Don’t Go”

March 26, 2021

Welcome back to another New Music Friday entry! On this occasion we’ll be presenting the most recent release by an artist previously featured on this blog, Test Card Girl!

During these last few months, singer/songwriter Catherine Burgis (also known as Test Card Girl) has been releasing singles from her upcoming EP; we covered an introduction to her music when If You’re Feeling Down became available on all platforms a few weeks back, so be sure to check that out. Today we’ll have the pleasure of catching up with the release of her third single, “Don’t Go”.

This new single presents a playful exploration of synth melodies and textures; the metrical approach found in Catherine’s vocals (capturing the fun mood of nursery rhymes) and the voicing of the themes and melodies in a very unique instrumentation… it’s all so high-spirited and vibrant, with Test Card Girl’s voice as gentle as ever. This is a nice, encouraging track that keeps you going when you feel like it’s time for a change, and reminds you to try and enjoy the process.

“‘Don’t Go’ is a song for anyone who’s had to remind themselves repeatedly not to return to a person or situation. Combining elements of synth pop with a simple folk playground melody, this is a summer song inviting you to get up and dance away bad times and regrets accompanied by an imaginary band of synthesised players.”


With every single released so far by Catherine, it becomes clear that the musical directions she is willing to take in her music cover a wide range of possibilities, certainly able of keeping the listener engaged throughout a whole set. We really get to see into the world of technicolor screens, a series of miniatures that explore the different facets pertaining to the creative vision of Test Card Girl!

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