“Jejune” / “For Edward” by Calming River

I have a suggestion for you…

Whether you are currently limited in your ability and / or willingness to venture out in these strange times, or need to try something different for different’s sake… Revisit a favourite place you can go: by a pond in a park, the lapping waves on a beach (if you’re fortunate enough), the urban sprawl crawl of your choice, or maybe the simplicity of contemplating the view from your window or balcony – yet again. Now you are ready to treat your ears, mind and soul to this tender beauty of a release from Calming River…

Joshua Malcolm returns with the delicate and melancholic double-A single “Jejune” / “For Edward” , the second release to be taken from forthcoming Calming River album “Dead Bluebottles Supine” due for release later in Spring.

“For Edward” features the stunning vocals of Danish songwriter Simon Skjødt Jensen (Own Road), a collaboration born by both artists being affiliated with Copenhagen label Dendron Records. The lyrics of “For Edward” are based on the work of late psychologist Edward S. Reed, whose nonconformist 1996 release “Encountering The World” includes Bertolt Brecht’s 1932 Nazi-foreboding poem “In Praise of Doubt” (the words “The thoughtless who never doubt / Meet the thoughtful who never act” provided inspiration). Reed was a prodigious, daring and unconventional psychologist, who passed too early – the track is an ode to him.

“Jejune” both complements and contrasts “For Edward”: it demonstrates diversity in instrumentation and energy, yet synergy in ambiance and lyrical issues of self-doubt, isolation and powerlessness. Classically trained pianist Tom Neill accompanies Malcolm for this track.

If, like me, you have a healthy compulsion in comprising your own playlists of choice or genre, these tunes have slotted in seamlessly alongside such beauties as Floyd’s “A Pillow of Winds”, the Red House Painter’s “Katy Song”, Nick Drake’s “Day is Done” or Bibio’s “Sleep on the Wing”… Yes, it is that good…

Perhaps one more suggestion? When you return from your jaunt to your favourite space, post bathtime – pre slippers (insert footwear of choice) and tipple of choice prepared, treat yourself to Calming River.

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