Sleep Walking Animals, “Wild Folk”

March 26, 2021

It’s great to have you back for a chill, Saturday music recommendation! Today we’ll be presenting the latest feature of Debut Bands (Off the Radar), exploring the sound of Sleep Walking Animals!

Sleep Walking Animals is an indie folk/rock band from Manchester, UK. In 2018, Tom Glynn-Carney (vocals) and Joe Etherington (guitar) decided to start writing music together – they had known each other since childhood – before Jack Brett (bass), Alex Harford (guitar) and Nuwan Hugh Perera (percussion) joined them in this project. Their sources of inspiration include poets, novelists, tales of mythology, stories from people they’ve met; the music of artists like Damien Rice, Fleetwood Mac, Kings of Leon and Peter Gabriel is also recognized as part of their influences.

Their second single release, “Wild Folk“, is a slow-paced meditation on nature, sacrifice, and the cycles of life, with open harmonies and a complex combination of voices coming together so organically into this ethereal piece. Inspired by a metaphysical poem from the XVII century (“To His Coy Mistress”, by English author and politician Andrew Marvell), Tom wrote a heartfelt poem that would eventually become the lyrics of “Wild Folk”. The richness of sound achieved by the multiple vocal parts in here is simply brilliant; you get to hear each of these elements appearing in perfect balance towards the climatic point of the song, and it’s all so peaceful and satisfying!

“We want you to feel something when you listen to our music. Thats the main thing really, thats the holy grail. We want it to take you on a journey and make you think about love, life and death. It’s cinematic hopefully. ‘Atmospheric’ and ‘poetic’ we’ve been told. But that doesn’t mean you can’t listen on your way to work or whilst getting bevved up in park. It’s got groove and melodies for days. Can be quite hooky too, I think we’re all leaning towards a more pop side of indie-folk-rock anyway. Connect to it and then get it stuck in your head! Anyway, if you like foot stomping, anthemic folk rock with rousing vocals and rattling guitars give us a listen.”


Sleep Walking Animals have managed to introduce themselves with a solid dose of novelty and musicality; the meaningful and catchy melodies found on both of their singles released so far are full of insights, and work in such an unique manner when paired with the treatment of potency in language and the concepts explored by this band…. the release of their debut EP – to be launched this summer – will be highly anticipated by everyone who’s had the chance of listening to the amazing music that SWA is putting together!

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