Big Timber “Matador”

Big Timber reflects on the negative consequences of foolish optimism in his latest single ‘Matador’.

Will Adams, professionally known as Big Timber, is a producer and performer with a love for everything synth and influenced by lofi and moody indie music. Born in New York and currently living in Portland, Oregon, Adams has been constantly producing, performing and exploring new genres and styles for the past twenty years. Big Timber is simply one of the many sides of this diverse, ever changing artist.

Matador is Big Timber’s second release this year, and the first single for his forthcoming EP, titled “DROWSY”, expected to come out in late 2021. 

Implementing dense synth-scapes and punchy bass grooves, Matador is a song that swiftly travels between the psychedelic realm and grounded reality. While the synth-scapes help add a dreamy tone to the song, as though both Big Timber and the listener were floating, the strong presence of the bass occasionally mutes that effect and instead works as a reminder of the real world and the life that needs to be lived every day. 

The lyrics, and the song as a whole, discuss what many call “blissful ignorance”. 

Nowadays, the phrase that originally came from Thomas Gray’s “Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College” (1742) has become part of everyday vocabulary. How many times has one heard, or said it themselves? However, the philosophy of being worry-free as long as you keep a blind eye to reality is one that will inevitably come back and haunt you, and at one point it’ll be impossible to not look it in the eye. 

Big Timber’s lyrics emit melancholy and yearning for what was previously in his grasp; ignorance. The protagonist of this song is implied to be someone who lived by such principle and carried himself with blind optimism, hoping his problems will fade away once they’re out of sight. At the time of Matador, he is forced to acknowledge that naivety will not fix his life; losing his grip on reality to avoid dealing with the facts as he slips further into a perpetual existential crisis.

The end result is the thick, calm-but-chaotic ambience of Matador, where Big Timber delivers on both the mystical and the harshly realistic sides of life and dreams.

“I am proud of the new sounds that I’m putting out, and feel like I’m still figuring out what Big Timber truly is,” said the artist, loosely confirming the direction Big Timber will be moving towards while letting his audience know that there’s still more to come from this side of him. 

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