Single released on the 26th of March 2021 Marina Bennett “Alright”


It’s going to be alright…

Marina’s new single is here to soothe us…

Marina Bennett "alright" press photo
“Emotions are fuel for songwriting”

Some of my absolute favorite artists fly straight like an arrow for my heart. It’s the emotions they tap into that make them so appealing to me – the things they sing about resonate deep within my soul. It’s like they understand what I really feel deep inside and they are able to speak to me. And while it wouldn’t be fair to compare Marina to any of these established artists – what is interesting and important to me, is that Marina is shooting from the very same place.

One of her main drives is to explore the emotional landscape of what it is to be human. This immediately captures my interest and piques my curiosity, so I’m keen to see how Marina puts this to music and develops as an artist. One to keep an eye on and an ear out for, I suggest.

“I don’t want to be placed in any kind of box”

Marina’s latest single is heavily influenced by the world we live in today and the unprecedented times that we find ourselves in. There is no pretense here – the song is an ephemeral escape from our concerns and anxieties – a little beacon of hope at a time when we all need some solace and soul-soothing. It’s simplistic in it’s beauty and it is supposed to be – the song just floats in the air for 4 minutes and the experience is a very calming one.

“A multifaceted being with a kaleidoscope heart”

Sometimes we all need a little reassurance… an arm around our shoulder… a nice cup of tea alone with our thoughts… to watch the sunset… to cradle and sip a fine glass of wine after an hard day… to lie in our lovers lap… this song is all of those things rolled into one.

“I’m embracing all these different sides of myself”

‘Alright’ is a gentle, gliding acoustic strum, it is smoothly produced and sonically appealing – the musical backdrop is a perfect fit for Marina’s consoling voice. Melodic and incredibly delicate – it’s a perfect fit for a chill-out play-list.

“I’d love for this song to bring love and light to those hearts who really need it”

Be sure to add this song to your own personal 2021 playlist and revisit it in the quiet moments – it will be a fine addition and a song you will return to again and again.

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