No Lonesome “For Carlo”

Gather around, for there is a new song released. This particular tune is a small delight to listen to, for example on a dark stormy day as you’re wrapped in a duvet sipping a particularly large cup of tea, or at a quiet night next to bonfire where it’s just you and the song.

The song in question is a little storyteller, something new and exciting especially for those of you who love folk music. So, today I’m going to introduce you a new folk artist and his first single!

No Lonesome is the name of a fresh new project of a Chicago-based artist named Jeb Backe, with supportive effort from his friends and fellow artists. His music is a blend of folk and country music with a colorful selection elements from various sources. Inspiration flows in from folk and country legends such as Don Watson and Townes Van Zandt, with added color from modern acts like Big Thief, Lomelda and Andy Shauf. The result has both the warmth and soul of classic folk, and fresh wind of modern sounds and production.

His very first single carries the title “For Carlo”. The song was written as a letter to Carlo Gesualdo, a 16th century composer, with the lyrics touching his life, more specifically when Carlo killed his cheating wife and her lover in their bedroom.

The beginning of the song has this incredibly warm drony choral bit, which then moves on the storyline, carried by his mellow vocals and soft yet rough instrumental side. The sound is heavily reminiscent of old folk songs, which makes sense because the song is also a homage to folk music passed along since the 16th century, songs like “Silver Dagger” and “Matty Groves”.

This warm sound of old folk tunes, full of wisdom and pure soul, has been skillfully interlaced with modern bits. The result is a pretty captivating and unique sound, a bridge between worlds.

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