Adolfo García – “Ethereal Dream”

A dissolution of spirit into heaven’s gates, today’s two-part single floats heavenly in suspended light, challenging time, gravity, and chaos. “Ethereal Dream” is Adolfo Garcia’s instrumental piece, ready to snatch your spirit and take you home.

We don’t know much about composer Adolfo García, other that he lives in San Antonio, Texas. He listens to and finds influence in bands like Tycho, Bibio, Sting and all kinds of artists. He makes music, and he wants to help you chill. Mr. García played and recorded everything you will hear by himself.

Ethereal Dream is a two part song with titles as simple as “Ethereal Dream Pt. 1” and “Ethereal Dream Part 2″. Part 1 is a clean guitar composition, mixed with circling pads and evolving synths. Very simple, very big.

The guitar’s voicing dances with a bit of nostalgia between reverberating echoes, making you feel weightless and suspended, while the ethereal atmosphere pushes through the limits of terrestrial grasp.

While Part 1 still feels a bit attached to the material world, Part 2 departs to other worlds, where peace and calm find meaning. A mesmerizing mixture of strings, pads and reverbs flood the listener’s ears, and propels them into a spiritual, heavenly land, where human condition seems dissolved into a scattered haze of spirit.

Simple yet ambitious, “Ethereal Dream” holds you in place as you travel inwards, outwards and far beyond. A perfect composition if you’re feeling strange, out of place, or low in energy.

There’s no doubt Mr. García takes his music to a spiritual place, a longing of dreams, hopes and stillness. We wish we could tell you more about Adolfo but he’s an artists who believes in letting his music speak for itself.

So waste no time and click that play button, wether to start your day or to finish it, Mr. García’s work should get you in the right mood.

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