es.cher -“pls dont go”

A moving piece born from a moving train, today’s song “pls dont go” evokes the sentiment of grief and disassociation felt when one lives in a constant let go. Unconventional, experimental and raw, UK artist es.cher brings an interesting and catchy approach to traditional elements, with a twist of modernity and authenticity.

es.cher is an UK artist who likes to explore the combinations of alternative dance production while incorporating elements of garage, downtempo, glitch hop, indie, alt RnB vocals and guitar work. Someone who has been on the move for a while now, having lived in 27 different houses in her lifetime.

“pls dont go” was born as es.cher found himself once again moving places, riding on a train from Brighton to London. Feeling a constant disconnection from his loved ones and cherished places, es.cher wrote this song right on that very train, trying to convey his feelings of grief, and maybe even anger. It’s always hard letting go, imagine if you had to do it constantly.

This song was produced, mixed and mastered entirely by es.cher, with samples from one of his close friends’ song (Choruses from the Rock – ‘Warning’) and vocals he had previously recorded by himself. The result is a moving and almost anxious arrangement of analog beats being manipulated in time and pitch, while lofi harmonies add to the feelings of dare and longing in the background. Unwilling voices sing beneath the surface.

“pls dont go” is the first track of es.cher’s upcoming EP, one that will feature the collaboration of several up and coming UK RnB and Hip Hop artists, such as hip hop producer and rapper, Jestyn. Each song tries to capture a moment in time, giving voice to specific feelings through music and create soundscapes that evoke emotion.

Influenced by many great artists like Vegyn, James Blake and SOPHIE, es.cher tends to step away from conventional musical structures and challenges his musical limits and boundaries with the pursue of untethered artistic expression.

He plans to release her future garage EP hopefully later this year in the summer, fulled of more warping and moving instrumentation. In the meantime we can rejoice with the cathartic enterprise he has just delivered. We hope es.cher continues to translate his life’s difficulties into something much more appreciative, and hope that by doing so he finds peace, love and stability.

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