Gill Guillermo – “Listen To The Wind”

The wind can tell many stories if you listen closely, mostly tells of freedom or deliverance. Today’s EP marks a 5 piece story-driven musical work, mixing elements from Bossa Nova, Pop, and Folk. “Listen To The Wind” is Gill Guillermo’s Debut EP filled with topics like love, wonder, the impermanence of life, and coming out of the darkness.

Gill Guillermo is a singer-songwriter, musician and backpacker who has wandered through a variety of countries and places, where culture and surroundings divert, leaving place for many great stories, emotions and self-discovery. Originally born in the northern city of Haifa, Israel, Guillermo has also placed foot in South America and Liverpool, UK, where he now resides.

“Listen To The Wind” is the musical result from him leaving his homeland in search for the musical waters of Liverpool. A work that captures the essence of his mental state through the years of finding a place for him to call home, merging all the different elements and musical styles he encountered.

You will hear as he captures the universal and relatable emotional struggles that come with living in the modern global world. Untethered, explorative, and full of empathy.

Track 1, “Rain“, is a bluesy, sincere song with organic instrumentation, feelings of longing and a soulful musical delivery. A determined search for answers and emotional deliverance.

Track 2, “Sunday Morning” finds it way through a Bossa Nova flavoured endeavour, where the Sun shines and wind blows by. Perfect to relax and catch your breath.

Wall is track 3, with a more serious, psychedelic vibe where Gill explores the fear of impermanence of life and memory. Energetic drums, reverberating guitars and filled with high reaching vocal harmonies.

Turning up with a softer sound, “Trees” is a more personal, nostalgic-filled song, with emotive vocal melodies and a beautiful orquestration. Intimately, Gill strives to find comfort in the romance of both past and future.

Lastly, the most introspective, “Verge of Darkness” is a very emotional and very open-hearted tune, filled with wishful questioning about finding your way back home. “An ode to coming out of it all still willing to experience more. ” Explosive, big, and self-assuring.

The EP was recorded in basements of Liverpool’s Georgian homes and the
studios established with the help of Sir Paul McCartney at Gill’s old school. Mixed by Steve Powell, and made with the help of young talents Guillermo found during his time at The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

This EP, like the line from the Cat Stevens song ‘The Wind’, is about listening to your own voice, and about the good and the bad I had in Israel, UK and elsewhere. It wouldn’t be the same if things turned out differently in my life and I hope other people connect with this music like I do.” – Gill Guillermo

We can tell Guillermo is an honest, talented and sensitive artist who likes to express his life’s point of view through the vessel of music. Influenced by similar artists like Father John Misty, Cat Stevens and Jack Johnson, Guillermo delivers his music with soul, sincerity and spirit.

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