PleasePrettyLea “You’re Home Finally…”

PleasePrettyLea returned at the end of March to deliver the third part of her Voldermortis series in the form of the seductive single ‘You’re Home Finally…’.

Since the age of six, PleasePrettyLea has shown an interest in songwriting. By the time she was thirteen years old, the artist had begun making waves in the baseline scene by working alongside well respected artists like DJ Apostle and DJ Moky. Her younger self’s love for musical arts fused with her older self’s maturity, as PleasePrettyLea had gone to college and gained a masters in counselling psychotherapy — now counting with her musical theatre knowledge and the experiences she had while helping vulnerable individuals, her art was able to develop to the level it’s at now, intertwining personal experiences and taboo topics.

On March 29th, the emerging artist from West Midlands, UK released the song You’re Home Finally… as a continuation of the tracks ‘Yack’ and ‘Birthday Songs’. The three songs tell the story of PleasePrettyLea’s reckless manifestation, a witch named Voldermortis known for being obsessive and dangerous. 

With a new operatic touch, PleasePrettyLea keeps building drama for Voldermortis in her most sensual piece to date.  

You’re Home Finally… shows a different side of Voldermortis that hadn’t been seen before. While in the previous songs, she was shown to be broken and desperate to heal, the negative and unhealthy beliefs and attitude she’s taken are fully displayed in this song. If before Voldermortis seemed like a perilous and reckless individual, now it’s been guaranteed that there’s still a lot more to be seen. 

After the kidnapping of her lover in the previous track, Birthday Song, Voldermortis is now attempting to seduce her partner in the beliefs that they’re a normal couple. However, after her victim fights back and leaves her for dead, Voldermortis is forced to deal with the cruel reality of being rejected and furthermore, abandoned; both of these feelings deeply contradict her perspective, where the witch fantasizes having a normal relationship with the man she loves. 

The music video shows the previously narrated story, as the lyrics show Voldermortis descent into despair and her refusal to let go of her beloved. 

Although the context of the full story is not necessary in order to enjoy this dark, heavy bass filled song, it gives a deeper meaning to the lyrics and allows for a more genuine appreciation of PleasePrettyLea’s exploration of a dark, twisted love. 

Despite the audience recognizing how wrong Voldermortis’ actions are, there is still an addicting feeling that comes with following her story and witnessing the desperate measures she’s willing to take in order to achieve her definition of a happy ending, or a simple ordinary life. With this series, PleasePrettyLea effectively shows her listeners the cataclysmic nature of love that few can acknowledge. 

By opening the soft in a quiet manner with its soft keys, only to quickly make the song take a complete turn by surrounding the sultry vocals in beat drops, a heavy bass and reverb, both PleasePrettyLea and producer NEONE the Wonderer leave the listener in a sinister forest that occasionally shows sweetness, creating confusion as to whether which side of Voldermortis we’re meant to trust and listen to. 

You’re Home Finally… is a superb exploration of obsession and the aftermath it leaves in the subject’s mind and life. Although we’re left with an open ending to the Voldermortis series, unsure if the witch will make a comeback, we were given a spectacular nightmare that contains the best of PleasePrettyLea’s creative and songwriting skills. 

Whether the series continues or a new project arrives, there is no doubt that PleasePrettyLea will continue creating submerging music that shows the best of the darkest themes.

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