“I Don’t Need Anyone” by Darrian Gerard

I always appreciate songs about standing for yourself and believing in your strengths. “I Don’t Need Anyone”, the first single by Darrian Gerard, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentist from British Columbia, Canada falls in this category.

“I Don’t Need Anyone” is a great song, well written – the hooks are there, at the expected places but still feel fresh – and cleverly produced. The song is catchy but doesn’t feel formatted for commercial radios. Its indie-pop vibe reminds me of some of Alanis Morisette and Angels & Airwaves music. 

I like the fact that Gerard played all the instruments, sang and produced the song – she proves her point, she doesn’t need anyone. To me this shows how strong a direction and vision an artist has on their own music. It also is a proof of raw talent which I admire.

For a first impression, this girl makes a strong one and I can only wonder what’s next for Darrian Gerard. One thing for sure, she’ll stay on my radar. 

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