Jebs – “Les Instrus”

Imagine an even cooler James Bond, 007 film directed by Pink Floyd in the 60s, that’s exactly what I picture today’s EP sounds like. A mystifying selection of three instrumental songs brought to us by prolific French cult artist and producer, Jebs. Get your mojo on, baby.

“Les Instrus” is a three piece, instrumental EP selection, taken from French alternative artist Jebs’s first three singles. Not only is it instrumental but it’s also been benefited by a brand new mastering made at Kerwax Studio, in french Brittany by analog and vintage sound guru, Christophe Chavanon.

Jebs has proven to be a very accomplished producer, as his three singles received extended plays on BBC Radio 6, BBC Wales, 2FM and Amazing Radio. As a studio owner, in-house producer and sound engineer for over 10 years at Buffalo Studios on Cable Street, London, Jebs eats, breaths and sleeps music. He may even dream it but one can only guess.

Speaking of dreams, “Les Instrus” feels like the creamy-psychedelic, funky dream you didn’t know you wanted. The songs are filled with warm vintage vibes, fuzzy analog drive and a silky haze, just as smooth as Jimmy Hendrix’s playing. Delightfully arranged, Jebs’ music has a brilliant way to transition with in-n-out instrumentation that is never too much, never too little.

The three songs share similar vibes and colour, transmitting waves of positive energy all around them. We start with the mysterious-feeling first track “Instant Précis”, composed by a funky bass, swirling guitars, and nasty low-end keys. Vibrant is the way, vibrant is the beat.

Always energetic, always changing, we walk right through track number two, “Tigres Babouins” with a more chilled vibe, watery chords, wobbling keys and laid-back drums. Bass is heavy, tone is clean. Drums are presented with a silky, raspy hi-hat, a snappy snare and steady kick, served with a light selection of toms on the side. Is anyone getting hungry or is it just me? Ride the wave, feel the velvet.

Last but not least, “Poumon” manifests a celestial goodness, a relaxed song with perfect weather, apt for standing near the sea or laying back in the sand. Float away with its retro synths, grab your drink and feel the psychedelic infused embrace of it all. Please don’t forget to come back down.

Jebs not only is an outstanding producer but he also holds the Guinness Book of Records title for playing and recording the highest-altitude gig in history in 2012, at 6500 metres in the Himalayas. He’s currently working on expanding the feat on an even bigger scale in 2020, climbing up to 7300 metres. Care for a little high, anyone?

We clap hands to Jebs and his team work and hope to know, and hear, more from him in the near future. Meanwhile feel free to vibe it off with “Les Instrus” and get your groovy on. Yeah, baby!

Music and words by Jebs. Produced, recorded and mixed by Jebs at Buffalo Studio. Mastering by Christophe Chavanon at Kerwax Studio. Drums played by Adam Hayes, additionnal keys Carl Hudson & Edu Bisa Bisogno.

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