Storm:Season – “Catch Z’s”

A lofi, pop, avant-garde mixture of musical dexterity and emotional wisdom. Today’s song, “Catch Z’s“, is a short but catchy artistic piece that defies traditional music structures and delivers a mesmerizing experience. Sleepless nights never felt so good.

Storm:Season is a three piece band from Birmingham, UK, who found their strength in combining multiple styles of music into a unique blend of musical expression. Far from composing in traditional musical structures, Storm:Season relishes in complete artistic freedom, uniting genres like lofi, Electro Pop, Anti Pop and Indie Rock.

“Catch Z’s” follows Storm:Season’s successful first release, “My Lovers” which was very well received by media and listeners alike, giving the band a solid momentum in the ever growing music industry. This new title aims to keep up the band’s hype and pretends to convey the vulnerable feelings one can get through sleepless nights and spontaneous thoughts keeping you up.

The song starts with lush elements, abstract tones and dancing melodies, followed by a reverberating voice, slowly increasing along with all the other components until they all reach forward and the drums punch in. Very chill, very ambient; the production wishes to capture the enchantment state of just laying in bed without being able to catch a z.

In and out details proceed to keep the enchantment alive. Distortion, synthetic waves, shimmering echoes and panning movements share space in this charming, voodoo-like symphony.

Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by themselves, Storm:Season seeks to seize control in every specific detail in order to give the listener a true personal musical experience, hoping to connect with them and allowing them to escape into their music.

A song that feels like a dream, but speaking of nights where you can’t sleep, Storm:Season uses music to address mental wellness, opening up to their listeners with sincere and unique self-expression.

This is an act that has so many different genres intertwined inside of them which makes them a unique group for us to immerse ourselves into” Llewelyn Street – A&R Factory

Storm:Season believes in experimenting and not falling into molds, encouraging other musicians and artists to carve the way for new creative expressions. For fans of Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Twenty One Pilots, Joji and Gorillaz, Storm:Season promises a nice settling for your musical cravings.

Storm:Season are:
Calvert Stephens: Vocals/Bass
Martyn Nicholson: Drums
Will Troman: Guitar/Production

Pictures taken by: Zobia Cheshire, @zees_pics

Single artwork by: Abigail Belch, @ab.beyart

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