Temperature Falls “Death By Suffocation”

Temperature Falls‘ eclectic sound and contemplative lyrics are as present as ever in their latest single, ‘Death By Suffocation’.

Alternative rock and trip-hop duo Temperature Falls, made up by members Camilla (vocalist and lyricist) and Ward (multi-instrumentalist), originated in Oslo, Norway in 2018. What began as a coincidental meeting culminated in continuous work being done in Ward’s studio, where the duo’s musical identity was born and began to develop. 

Inspired by artists such as Björk, Pearl Jam and Portishead, Temperature Falls puts great importance in the atmosphere. Their music is a blend of contemporary and classic elements belonging to their main genres and influences, and said combination brings forth the euphoria of trip hop and the resoluteness of alternative rock; full palpable with honest feelings that help make their listeners feel closer to the artist.

This April, Temperature Falls returns with a single that focuses on addiction and its aftermath. This is their first release since ‘Pass Me A Cigarette’, which was reviewed by Less Than 1,000 Followers back in February.

It is not an understatement to say addiction, despite being talked about often, is a hard topic to tackle. Whether it’s in everyday life or in art, multiple attempts to deal with such a sensible topic often fail to be realistic or successfully convey the harm it brings. The harder it is to give an accurate portrayal of something without taking it lightheartedly or glorifying it, the more admiration is felt once we do come across a well done job. 

Temperature Falls’ does a superb job of portraying the harsh reality and consequences of this issue. The duo made the decision of not being specific about what the subject is addicted to, and it provides both enough privacy for the artist and allows for a bigger amount of people to relate to the song’s message. While some aspects are being kept vague, which can be interpreted as the state of unawareness felt during one’s lowest point, Death By Suffocation explicitly states how an addiction’s consequences will never be limited to the person going through it.

Camila and Sam expanded further on the song’s origin and influences. 

“For us both it’s a really personal song lyrically and musically. Ian discussed this feeling when he showed me the music. Almost like waves of despair and trying to fight through and breaking through in the chorus then falling back down again back to this low point in the second verse. It reminded us both of dealing with addictions, you think you beat it then can easily slip and be back at square one, weather with substances or with a bad relationship you need to escape – and the second verse deals with being a friend or partner of an recovering addict “don’t drag us with you” – became a really haunting line for us and our shared experiences. I think the video really shows off this struggle . Sometimes the darkness consumes you…”

The music for this song, as mentioned by the artist, flawlessly represents the aggressive tide and despair-inducing waves that can be felt by an addict and, to a different degree, by the people close to them. Including an ever present deep bass and featuring an explosion of raw, brutally honest energy in the chorus, the instrumentals are a perfect match for the feelings Camilla carries in her enigmatic vocals. 

With Death By Suffocation, Temperature Falls continues their exploration of their own psyche. Unhesitant to make music the rawest of sounds, they’ve once again hit the nail in the head with their execution.

Photo of Temperature Falls’ vocalist and lyricist, Camilla

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