The Silver Devils – Love Potion No. 10

When everything else fails, drink the potion. San Diego, California’s rock’n’roll devils are back once again with a love-scent single now available in every superstore shelf and streaming platforms. “Love Potion No. 10” by The Silver Devils is a love-loss conveyance of romantic break-up.

This isn’t the first time The Silver Devils hit our blog but, in case you missed it read it here, they are a band formed in San Diego, California whose introspective stories and creative music make them perfect for fans of old time rock’n’roll and new punk.

A band far from conventional stereotypes, as they hold a personality of their own: Each song the band makes is an attempt to stand against and deflect the childish destructiveness of their life long nemesis: Danny the Devil. An inmortal being of inconmensurable strength who The Silver Devils must constantly evolve and develop new sounds to fight his mischief.

Following their first two singles, “Going There” and “Silver Cat”, “Love Potion No. 10” found its meaning through the inevitable human right of passage: heartbreak. Inspired by The Clovers’ Love Potion No. 9, where the potion is meant to give its drinker the power to fool others in love, Love Potion No. 10 isn’t meant to fool anyone but yourself.

I listened to The Clovers’ Love Potion No. 9. The Clovers had a potion to cure their sadness, but it wasn’t exactly what I needed. Love Potion No. 9 gives it’s drinker the veneer of love to trick others, but I needed to fool myself. – Demetrio Donzelli

Demetrio Donzelli is The Silver Devils singer and has been described as a “Folksy Elvis“, who with the help of Ben Engel’s beautiful guitar skills, William Webb’s jazz inspired saxophone, and Greg Bjurman with his production skills and keyboard abilities, together bring to life the band’s mischievous music.

Love Potion No. 10 is based on Demetrio’s own story of heartbreak and self-love tragedy as he, when finding his heart torn to pieces, immediately sought to fill it with love from anywhere else except his own.

“Heartbreak is a right of passage for being human, but when it happens to you it feels like nobody gets it. In love and in life I make a fool of myself. I was trying to make a love laugh, and it didn’t land. – Demetrio

Adding his own ingredients to the mixture, Demetrio created this song for anyone who has ever sought out the feeling of love only to fall incredibly short. Filled with jazzy rhythms and creative, unconventional structures, Love Potion No. 10 adds to the band’s list of haunting singles.

As of who’s the song referring to, Demetrio says that it isn’t meant for anyone but the potion itself. A magic serum we seek to validate our pain. Demetrio urges to find answers to questions like: Can love really be found in a potion?, Is that really a positive long term solution?

I dedicate this song to the lost in the hopes they reflect on those questions, but ultimately, each listener must find the answers for themselves.” – Demetrio

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