‘Best Days’ was released on Friday 2nd April 2021

Hook’s songs are about the small moments, the brutality of love and finding the beautiful in the simple.

As soon as I heard the intro to this song for the very first time, I knew something good was coming. Quite possibly my favorite part of the song actually – it sets the tone wonderfully for what is to follow. It’s a foreboding intro – but it also feels like you’re about to set off on a journey and you are about to be told a story…

The band started out early in the year 2019 and they hail from Dublin, Ireland

The story follows… but the singer doesn’t inspire the greatest of conviction in his words – in fact, confusion starts to set in. Does he really mean what he is saying? I don’t think so…

The band keep it pretty simple lyrically on this one – but the subject matter is one that most music aficionados will associate with and the chorus is one that will you’ll find yourself singing along to and one that will stick in your head long after the song has stopped playing!

Hook are Eoin O’Donnell (vocals & guitar), Morgan O’Brien (drums) and Danny Spelman (bass & vocals)

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a teenager, a young adult still trying to find yourself or a middle-aged person (like me!) who is still trying to figure things out – this song touches on things that have affected us all at some point in life and it sets you off thinking… a real sense of melancholy and nostalgia surround you when you are listening to this song.

The harmony of ‘Best Days’ will keep you coming back to this song – there’s some really good string work here and some real smooth drumming. It’s very evident that the band had a great time making this song, they fuse all of the elements together like real pro’s – a sure sign that this is a band honing their craft.

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